Batman Punk Song & Arkham Asylum 2 by Gerard Way and Grant Morrison

Batman Punk Song & Arkham Asylum 2 by Gerard Way and Grant Morrison

Bleeding Cool has been having a lot of fun diving into Grant Morrison''s extensive and extensive Xanaduum Substack, and has had a few tweaks. Certainly, there is so much more at the Substack. However, we couldn''t resist a look at details on a previously unpublished and planned mini-series/graphic novel that would be rolled out in 2016. It was also not yet published.

Morrison provided early details on another series of graphic novels featuring everyone''s favorite Dark Knight in BATMAN: BLACK & WHITE. This continuing anthology series combines Morrison''s original Batman stories with a rotating cast of some of the most notable artists in comics, that will only serve to highlight Grant''s one-of-a-kind outlook when it comes to comics in general and Batman in particular.

Grant Morrison has revealed a few details, including who would have drawn them. Or, in theory, wrote them.

Then, I had a photo strip for Stephanie Inagaki that depicted the fierce daughter of Tlano, the original Batman of Zur-En-Arrh. There was a mad meta Bat-Mite thing for World''s Finest meets Blue Remembered Hills, where superman Batman and Luthor, dressed as adult superheroes, play out a brutal kid fight through street parties, killing a monster and killing a villain. This week, we decided to play a special game called "The Bo

Woke up in a trash can! Better call Batman! Thought of something funny and it showed up on the CAT scan! Smile please! Joker got a gun and we''re going to have some fun with the Batman! Batman!etc

Is there any need to have a go at recording this? Cosplay added additional points if Gerard Way is performing it. So where did it go, Grant?

I was hesitant to take a break from Gotham City after seven years, which meant this book and the proposed Arkham Asylum 2, which included 25 pages, fell by the wayside. Both are still on the lookout, but it isn''t exactly where my head is right now and it may never happen.

Chris Burnham, who appeared at San Diego Comic-Con in 2017 and said it at 120 pages, said yes. Morrison compared it toLuc Besson, and said it will be all-encompassing, and set in the world ofBatman 666. Last week''s went there.

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