Comet Kharma Chameleon: The S01E02 Review of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Comet Kharma Chameleon: The S01E02 Review of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Celia R. Gooding''s Cadet Uhura is front and center in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, where she uses her xenolinguistic skills to be effective. As per the narrative, the young and very green communications officer goes through a "new person" round of light-hearted hazing, nothing ever cruel but a dinner with Captain Pike (Anson Mount) finds the young officer a bit overdressed for the casual affair after a little "miscommunication" at Ort

While the meal is being prepped, Uhura meets Chief Engineer Hemmer (Bruce Horak) in the atypical first awkward conversation about his race as an Aenar, a subspecies of Andorian, who is visually impaired but more heightened in their other senses. On the one hand, it''s potentially open career suicide that may alienate her from her peers & the work they''re committed to. Seeing Uhura act the way she did going in might come off a bit

The focal arc focuses on a comet that might be destroyed by a collision course with a inhabited planet. Upon the Enterprise''s arrival, they discover that the ship will do whatever it takes to perform itself, implying that the character is unconcerned, while maintaining its patience. It''s difficult to achieve a balance of trust and optimism.

I would certainly look forward to seeing Gooding continue to develop as the series progresses, especially because to the relationship between her and Spock actor Ethan Peck. In many ways even this early on, Gooding is expanding her memories of Peck, Mount, Rebecca Romijn, and Navia. While also adding her own influence, "Children of the Comet" was one of the most rewarding spots we saw, as the crew dealing with the situation changes. Once again, the stoicism early on changes a completely

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