Mondo Announces a 24-Hour Deluxe MOTU He-Man Figure Event

Mondo Announces a 24-Hour Deluxe MOTU He-Man Figure Event

Grayskull''s Deluxe He-Man 1/6 scale figure is available on the market, owing to his original Mattel design, and updated accessories. Three versions of He-Man can be created alone with Original, Battle Armor, and Thunder Punch, according to an exclusive package. Three different head sculpts are included with a standard, angry, and even a classic OG Mattel design.

Fans of Masters of the Universe will get a Power Sword, Shield, Battle Axe, Ankle Knife, Thunder Punch Power Sword, and Thunder Punch Shield. A variety of swappable hands are also included, along with Thunder Punch gems and swappable body armor. Mondo will only allow pre-orders for 24 hours starting June 21 on the Mondo Shop here.Be sure to get yours while you can and show your collection that you have the power.

"A little over half a decade ago, Mondo developed its first ever Masters of the Universe collectible; but we were given the freedom to redefine the character and make it better as now only Mondo is known for. This first-ever release in this line was He-Man, and after ten different figures in the Mondo / MOTU collection, we were honored to present his return. This version, which includes some of He-Man''s most well-known pieces from the 1980s, was then released.

"Though the original figure is remarkable in its own right, we agreed that if we were to go back and re-release He-Man, there should be a substantial amount of new components to make this look like a deluxe and definitive version. With that in mind, we dug deep into He-Man figures of the past and selected some of our favorite " representations.

The Product Completes:

  • He-Man Figure
  • Neutral Portrait
  • Angry Portrait
  • Classic Portrait
  • Classic Chest Armor
  • Battle Chest Armor
  • Swappable standard and battle damaged "H" on battle armor
  • Power Sword
  • Classic Shield
  • Battle Axe
  • Ankle Knife
  • Ankle Knife Sheath
  • 5 interchangeable hands
  • Thunder Punch Chest Armor
  • Thunder Punch "Electric" Punch interchangeable hand
  • Thunder Punch Power Sword
  • Thunder Punch Shield
  • Thunder Punch Gems

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