At Summer Game Fest Play Days, we get our fight on LEGO brawls

At Summer Game Fest Play Days, we get our fight on LEGO brawls

The last of our Bandai Namco games we watched during Summer Game Fest Play Days was the amazing-looking. This is why you should bring your own personal trainer to the game, so you may get to go in and make a character if you like it, wearing whatever you want them to wear, and being ready to combat anyone who is in trouble. Of course, they also have a limited number of different IPs to choose from.

The game allows you to combine and brawl with one another, or to party up with friends in a battle royale-style game mode where you don''t have to worry about changing it. The gameplay is fantastic when it comes to combat, but it''s very smooth when it comes to eliminating specialty moves or simply trying to survive. The only worry to keep an eye on is that your body bursts into pieces with the familiar sound of LEGO bricks hitting the table.

As you go on a larger level, the team-based system is where it''s at, claiming glowing LEGO components like it''s a King of the Hill fight. However, the game will not be too far off as it announced this weekend that it will be released on PlayStation consoles on September 2nd and 2022. No word is yet on when the game will be seen elsewhere.

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