During SGF play days, WrestleQuest scans our Nostalgia Itch

During SGF play days, WrestleQuest scans our Nostalgia Itch

During Summer Game Fest Play Days, Skybound Games had a host of new titles to offer, including. A game based on the golden years of ''80s wrestling, Attitude Era cues, Lucha libre influences, and numerous new wrestling references has been created. There are also various names, including names, names, and names, to be able to play in the game. No, the game will be able to play as an action figure version of Macho Man Randy Savage, and a lot of

Then, it''s clear that Randy Savage has been named Randy Santos, who appears to have some of his action figure left out. That''s what makes this game impressive. However, the RPG elements in are amazing as you''ll be deciding whether or not to perform the damage you need, but on the mic as you''ll pick your words in promo battles to get the crowd on your side. We''re not even getting into all of the fantastic stuff about wrestling culture, for example.

It''s so much to love about a demo that cannot be summed up in a demo. This is a must-play game for wrestling enthusiasts who have an affinity for both historical and outrageous. At the moment the game does not have a release date. However, you can get a peek at the demo we played before it was released. It is by far one of the best titles we got to try out during Play Days and it''s still stuck with us a week later.

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