This Week, the Next Wipe will be released from Tarkovs

This Week, the Next Wipe will be released from Tarkovs

Escape From Tarkov had a long play cycle, and as every other before, it must come to an end. This occasion usually concludes with a complete game wipe, deleting everyone''s accounts, and starting afresh. On Monday, the COO of Battlestate Games, Nikita, asked if you are ready for a wipe, which might indicate that such action will take place throughout this week.

Nikita previously stated that there will be a wipe with the next major patch during TarkovTV''s broadcast. Today, he resisted and publicly alluded to such an upcoming activity, which might be related to another Thursday wipe. Below you can find Nikita''s tweet:

Is it time to go wipe?

Nikita Buyanov (@nikgeneburn) June 20, 2022

This wipe will introduce us to the Lighthouse expansion, including new weapons, features, the long-awaited in-game Lightkeeper, and other elements and pieces that will be critical to the game. Conditions that are supposed to change the game as a whole and how it will perform in the future.

For those who are confused about what a wipe means:

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