When susannah died in the summer, i turned pretty

When susannah died in the summer, i turned pretty

The Summer I Turned Pretty is a romantic comedy based on teenagers. It uses our darling tope i.e. a love triangle to tell an engaging story. This show is very likable and everyone will look for all the characters, it is shown in a funny manner. Susannah Fisher is one such character who is a pleasure to watch.

Susan is a very thorough part of Belly''s life, but she considers her as a child she never had and wants to be with one of her children.

Both Belly and Laurel have a good relationship and, as a result, her mother Laurel feels anxious about seeing all of this. Susannah is one of the characters we want to see more in season one, although beliefs may be different.

Her future in the show affects everyone, including Conklin and Fishers at home, and according to events we wonder about her future in the show. Let us check her out according to the book series and get ready for some spoilers.

Does Susannah Die?

As season 1 approaches, it is shown that Susannah has been diagnosed with cancer and she has already dealt with this for the first time as this is not the first time. She had already done chemotherapy when it happened before, and has kept the cancer in a sorry state.

Susannah does not want to go through chemotherapy this time, and wants to spend the rest of her life with her friends and family with all of the happiness she has possible. She understands that this summer, so she does everything she can to make it perfect for her and everybody else.

Events of the Last Episode

Jeremiah finds out in the last seasons that she has kept this secret from them, and he is also adamant that Conrad knew about this but never told him. Susannah confessed in front of her sons that she will not undergo chemotherapy this time, her sons argued with her to do it not for her, but for them.

She was not going for chemotherapy, but later promised her son to pursue a new experimental treatment. This decision gives hope to her family and fans of the show, but it looks like her fate is already sealed. If the showrunners decide to follow her story from the books, she will be dead in the next season.

Reference from the Book

The first season follows the first book The Summer I Turned Pretty and most likely the second season will follow the second book Its Not Summer Without You. Susannahs'' death does not exactly mean that she is completely missing from the story. She is often shown in flashbacks and in the recall of other characters.

So if the second season follows the second book, we will see Susannah at least in bits and pieces. If the writer decides to let her live then then perhaps we will see her in the future. However, the chances of Bellys'' bond with Jeremiah and Conrad are quite low, so sooner or later she will die.

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