The Sims 4 introduces Werewolves and allows players to literally gowild

The Sims 4 introduces Werewolves and allows players to literally gowild

The Sims 4 is suited to the wildest of imaginations. While some of us simply want to see our sim have a family or become a multimillionaire, the wide range of packs is also enabling the most imaginative scenarios to come to fruition. This includes transformating into or romancing wades.

The Sims 4 Werewolves are the latest game pack to the title, and it invites players to explore the new world of Moonwood Mill.

Players may choose their own Werewolf origin story in the same way as the Vampires pack. Werewolf sims will have to choose whether they want to embrace their animalistic side or fight against it, and they will be affected by the moon cycle and other werewolf events.

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The new #TheSims4Werewolves is now available to all players

Sims may find packs to join, and if they''re lucky, they may even find a partner to join them. To go that extra mile, pet dogs also get an adorable moodlet whenever they''re in the presence of a waswolf.

Many people are enjoying Werewolves because of the fact that, from An American Werewolf in London to Teen Wolf and Twilight, there has been a lot of controversy among Werewolves. The Sims 4 subreddit in the past weekend shows exactly how players are using the pack to go wild, literally.

Lauren Morton, a PCGamer player, used the new pack to portray their own waswolf related drama in Moonwood Mill. Lauren found that life as a werewolf in The Sims 4 isn''t the easiest, but Moonwood Mill has a host of opportunities to learn. Additionally, drama throughout Moonwood Mill does not appear to be that difficult to come by, and Lauren was the star of their own show before they knew it.

I''ll be picking up the Werewolves pack sooner or later to see if I can begin a mass werebie epidemic, because why not? If you''re planning on picking up the pack, what are your intentions?

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