Astral Radiance Elite Trainer Box in Pokemon TCG Early Opening

Astral Radiance Elite Trainer Box in Pokemon TCG Early Opening

Today is a special day forPokemon TCG enthusiasts. Today, I''m giving you an early look at the nextPokemon TCG expansion,Sword & Shield Astral Radiance. Here''s how I got the booster box and the Elite Trainer Box to open, which you can see here. It''s also the beginning where we get our first true experience with the set, so be sure not to miss it. Now, let''s talk about what a Sword & Shield Astral

This time around, Darkrai is the focus on the Elite Trainer Box''s artwork. This is an interesting choice as the park artwork depicts Hisuian Starters, Origin Forme Dialga, and Origin Forme Palkia as the set mascots. However, Darkrai is indeed shown in this set with a V and a VSTAR, which is shown in a shocking red and black color palette on this impressive Elite Trainer Box illustration.

Inside, you get eight packs of Sword & Shield Astral Radiance, which is of course the main draw. The Elite Trainer Box includes dice that are inspired by Darkrai''s reaching form, dividers, damage counters, a rule book, a set checklist, energy cards, and other items to assist with competitive play.

Elite Trainer Boxes are historically one of the most popularPokemon TCG items for a reason. They offer a wide array of packs as well as fun, exclusive bonus material. Although I admit that I wish and have never wanted sinceShining Fates that thePokemon TCG would go back to the glossy sleeves, as the current matte sleeves mute the beautiful artwork of the cards.

Let''s open these packs and see what we can get. I''ve been stranded outhard with my Sword & Shield Astral Radiancebooster, so it''ll be fun to see if the fantastic pull rate is still on the rise.

Oooooh, and it does. My first pack yielded the greatest hit of the opening: the Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR, which is sure to be one of the greatest hits of the set. That would have been enough for any Elite Trainer Box, as not a 36-pack booster box guarantees a Secret Rare, but this box was not even close to done. I purchased a Full Art Oranguru V, a Darkrai V, a holo-rare Togekiss, and the

If you want to get a Sword & Shield Astral Radiance Elite trainer box, you may want to make sure the box is sturdy and doesn''t need to. It''s also this set that is quite special. The Trainer Gallery subset makes it so fun to open, and the possibility of a Radiant Pokemon replacing the Reverse Holo slot is a lot. It''s also a great box with this set.

My Sword & Shield Astral Radianceopening series starts with a bang. Thank you again to The Pokemon Company and stay tuned to Bleeding Cool as I begin my Pull Rate Quest series to show our readers more of what they can expect from this exciting new set.

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