What Happened to Big Jake (1971)?

What Happened to Big Jake (1971)?

Where Was the Big Jake (1971) Movie filmed?

In this film Where Was Big Jake (1971), there are two very capable men. And the actors would not have been better chosen. John Wayne and Richard Boone. Two of the greatest, fan loving actors ever; matched together in a pseudo cowboy setting; but with a modern twist.

The gruesome plot is ensconced in family vs an outright mean, atrocious outlaw; who is the director of nothing but guns and goons. The horror, causing one to stay on the edge of his chair, is still at the end of a fantastic movie.

If you like comeuppance, true love, ego-led arrogance, with man-made justice, and action interspersed with drama, then you should be careful;

Big Jake is one of those Westerns who divise John Wayne fans. Some enjoy it, others neglect it. A lot of John Wayne fans believe it to be a true Western. For us, it is easily our favorite John Wayne film. Set at the end of the Western era in America.

The father of a dead kidnaps him is asked to take their Grandson to pay for his son, who was taken to prison for ransom.

The film has a completely different feel than just about any other Western from John Wayne. Big Jake is surprisingly violent, bloody, and gritty.

In every scene, John Wayne is on top form and commands the screen. The action is inspiring and there is even some black comedy thrown in. The dialogue and interplay between John Wayne and his on-screen Sons (one of whom is Patrick Wayne.

Where was Where Was Big Jake (1971)filmed?

The film was recorded from early October to early December 1970, in the Mexican states of Durango and Zacatecas, including scenes from the El Saltito waterfall and the Sierra de Organos National Park.

Cast Where Was Big Jake (1971)

John Wayne portrays Jacob McCandles, Richard Boone as John Fain (Leader of Fains Gang), Maureen OHara as Martha McCandles, Patrick Wayne as Michael McCandles, Christopher Mitchum as Sam Sharpnose, Bobby Vinton as Jeff McCandles, Glenn Corbett as OBrien, and John Doucette as Texas Ranger Capt. Buck Duggan. It was a massive hit film with an incredible cast.

He has a great time playing with Maureen OHara and his sons. Patrick is the Dukes'' Real-life son. Richard Boone was great as a Villain.

Excellent acting and fantastic action (given the year it was made) great story, funny acting chemistry, and the idea of mixing the Wild West with the recent inventions of the twentieth century create for a unique yet familiar and engaging story.

Where to watch Where Was Big Jake (1971)

On Amazon Prime, iTunes, and Vudu, you may see Where Was Big Jake (1971).

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