Where is the Hightown TV Series filming?

Where is the Hightown TV Series filming?

Hightown is a crime drama genre. It follows the life of a woman with substance dependency. Her journey to recovery is bumpy. There was no indication she was looking for, however, becoming a National Marine Fisheries Service agent made her part of the investigation.

While trying to identify the culprits for the horrific murder, she does not have to deal with the demons of sobriety. In season 2, she appears to be doing well in her recovery. Even though there have been some close calls. But the season 2 finale revealed that Jakie might be returning to her old life. Click here to see more details about the show.

Meet The Cast

First, we have American Actress Monica Raymund in the role of Jackie Quinones, a National Marine Fisheries Services Agent suffering from alcoholism and substance abuse. Finally, we have American Actress Riely Voelkl el in the role of Renee Segna, a junior dancer, as well as the role of Amuary Nolasco, a former Massachusetts State cop. Finally, we have American Actor Dohn Norwood in the role of Alan Saintillie, the local

Where To Watch?

The shows are free of charge as several popular streaming services have this particular TV Show. Even if you are uncomfortable with the default language, several voice-over and subtitle options must be available based on your geographical location. You may stream the show onAmazon Prime and the OfficialStarzWebsite. There are no other platforms that do the show.

The pilot episode of season one featured eight episodes of season 2, which premiered on 17th October 2021, and each had a duration of 60 minutes. Season 2 has already been renewed for a third season.

Where Was The Show Filmed?

The shooting took place mostly in Provincetown, Massachusetts. A significant part of the show was shot in New York, which is quite the opposite of Cape Cod''s quaint town.

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