The 35 Best Netflix Thrillers Right Now

The 35 Best Netflix Thrillers Right Now

Every movie in its own right, but let''s face it: thrillers are the finest. Each genre has its unique twists. A smidgeon of terror without going overboard. All action, but with more plot. We''ve got you covered with a list of the best Netflix thrillers available for download.

A slew of serious drama is thrown in for good measure. Because the outcomes are everything we put together, you will need to pay close attention.

Many horror films are adored. One person loves an action movie while others are enthused toward a horror film, but the main character here is a thriller that everyone follows.

Netflix has a wide range of movies to choose from, but you might not be feeling a thriller tonight. Weve also compiled a list of Netflix''s most popular shows, including true crime, horror, gothic, comedy, and drama.

35.The Beguiled

  • Director:Sofia Coppola
  • Writer:Grimes Grice
  • Cast:Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman
  • Year:2017
  • Runtime:94 minutes
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score:78%
  • Streaming Platform:Netflix

After John McBruce''s arrival, Sofia Coppola''s adaptation of Clint Eastwood-Geraldine Pages 1971 drama returns for Farnsworth Seminary. This is an oasis for aspiring girls who can avoid corruption and corruption during the Civil War. A hidden hideaway in Virginias misted woods, Miss Farnsworth''s followers (Nicole Kidman) have a regimenting existence and this strain of repressive measures eventually implodes. Farnsworth is the daughter of the murdered

34.Bird Box

  • Director:Susanne Bier
  • Writer:Eric Heisserer
  • Cast:Sandra Bullock, Trevante Rhodes
  • Year:2018
  • Runtime:124 mins
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score:64%
  • Streaming Platform:Netflix

Several original Netflix shows jump into the streaming platform with a bit of fun, but Bird Box performs poorly. Sandra Bullock is playing Malorie Hayes, whose husband died in an apocalypse that devastated hundreds of individuals worldwide. To avoid the paralyzed urge one must wear a blindfold and make a trip.

33.Uncut Gems

  • Director:Josh Safdie
  • Writer:Josh Safdie
  • Cast:Adam Sandler, Lakeith Stanfield
  • Year:2019
  • Runtime:134 mins
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score:92%
  • Streaming Platform:Netflix

Adam Sandler has sadly lost an Academy-nominated film. Hell, it would be a victory to win. In the riveting crime drama between Ben Safdie and Josh Safdies, the handsome actor gave an amazing bolstering turn. Uncut gems are a thrill that might result in nervous breakdowns. In essence, it is about addiction. What do you think?

32.The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

  • Director:David Fincher
  • Writer:Steven Zaillian
  • Cast:Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara
  • Year:2011
  • Runtime:158 mins
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score:86%
  • Streaming Platform:Netflix

The brutal Millennium series by Steve Larson introduced a wider audience to Lisbeth Slander, as well as the delights and sorrows of a very specific regional style. Given the book appeal and the successful Swedish adaptation in 2009, it seemed normal for the filmmakers to take the leap and develop an English-language Girl.

Daniel Craig and another star cast get a wonderful acting.

31.Geralds Game

  • Director:Mike Flanagan
  • Writer:Mike Flanagan
  • Cast:Carla Gugino, Bruce Greenwood
  • Year:2017
  • Runtime:103 mins
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score:91%
  • Streaming Platform:Netflix

The Stephen Kings adaptation of Geralds brings big shocks to a small town. The film follows Jessie Burlingames in a ruthless quest to go out to a hotel after a horrific robbery in the 1970s and 1980s. It is a trapthis is it!


  • Director:Joe Penna
  • Writer:Joe Penna
  • Cast:Anna Kendrick, Daniel Dae Kim
  • Year:2021
  • Runtime:117m
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score:76%
  • Streaming Platform:Netflix

The sci-fi-meets-thriller sub-genre has garnered significant attention in the previous decade, from Gravity to Passengers. Stowaway, a fresh addition to the fold, pays homage to the close-quarters symbology, while offering its own set of delights.

After the trip to Mars, a three-person crew discovers a fourth passenger, an entity that poses a threat to the four spatially human. Stowaway uses its primary cast and a sharp script to create a familiar yet fascinating narrative of actions and decisions when faced with life-or-death decisions.

Penna and Morrison come back with a somewhat larger version of the same concept: Stowaway is a sparse space survival thriller about four individuals on a fatal voyage to Mars. (Despite the fact that The Arctic was first released, this is the duo''s debut feature script.) Its a fresh twist on a classic subgenre with a great cast, but some may be too slow this time.

29.Fever Dream

  • Director:Claudia Llosa
  • Writer:Claudia Llosa
  • Cast:Maria Valverde, Guillermo Pfening
  • Year:2021
  • Runtime:93mins
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score:70%
  • Streaming Platform:Netflix

Fever Dream is a spectacular adaptation of the same-named Samantha Schweblin novel about two young mothers who are drawn to each other in emotional ways when their children are poisoned. The film is a bold multi-faceted approach to some of Argentina''s environmental problems, with a completely infectious spooky tone as the fates of several protagonists become unimaginably connected.

Regisseur Claudia Llosa (Aloft) dives deeper into all of their fundamental and specific concerns that are always clear. Its about parents fear that their children will transform into something they cannot recognize, as well as the hazards and dangers that modern business is continuously pushing into the environment.

While the narrative is used in many ways to conceal poor writing, Llosa and Schweblin intertwine it all through Fever Dream, deciding to keep the viewer on alert all the while increasing the performance to show a fantastic story that, by necessity, swings back and forth in reality.


  • Director:Sam Hargrave
  • Writer:Sam Hargrave
  • Cast:Chris Hemsworth, Rudhraksh Jaiswal
  • Year:2020
  • Runtime:116 mins
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score:67%
  • Streaming Platform:Netflix

Extraction depicts Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake, a clever Australian mercenary, without his superhero cape in favor of gritty militant threads. Tylers dive into hostile terrain, hired to retrieve the abducted son of even a Mumbai criminal mastermind, quickly shows to be much more than a male soldier bargained for. Extraction is a bold journey into the action-meets-thriller sub-genre, complete with electric action moments and a clear vision from He

Extraction is based on a visual novel written by Avengers: Endgame co-director Joe Russo and is now being used as a starring drive for Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth. Hemsworth plays Tyler Rake, a superhuman mercenary for hire who has no desire for his blonde hair, his enormous weapon, and his sense of humor.

With a nameake like this, you may guarantee your last dollar that Tyler will utilize the garden tools that bear him to combat a baddie at some point throughout the films 116-minute length.

This grotesqueness demonstrates how harsh this Netflix broadcast will be, as skulls are mistreated, fractured bones rise, and corpses are mutilated.

27.The Ice Road

  • Director:Jonathan Hensleigh
  • Writer:Jonathan Hensleigh
  • Cast:Liam Neeson, Marcus Thomas
  • Year:2021
  • Runtime:103 mins
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score:43%
  • Streaming Platform:Netflix

After a collapse, Mike, a semi-truck driver, is played by Liam Neeson, a thriller veteran. He must travel his eighteen-wheeler through the harsh Canadian alpine tundra, across frozen waterways, and through a terrible blizzard to save a crew of diamond trapped miners within their working quarters.

Mike and his standby team are preparing for a lot more than they planned as Mother Nature takes over. The Ice Road doesn''t try to innovate the action-thriller, but it does offer plenty of gravity in the form of large speech, large effects, and big locations, exactly like a majority of Liam Neesons'' cinematic adventures.

CGI work in some cases avoids thrills, but The Ice Road is performed in a firmly professional, if not very stylish or imaginative manner.

Neeson, who, at the age of 70, may be the oldest known action hero still in his economic prime, is good as usual, albeit less angst-ridden and less of a single lead than many other recent movies. Thomas, Midthunder, Walker, and Fishburne are all fine within their roles.

The thunderous orchestral score of Max Aruj is exactly what you would expect, and the score is rounded off with some evidence of today''s major country music icons.


  • Director:Aaron Moorhead
  • Writer:Aaron Moorhead
  • Cast: Anthony Mackie, Jamie Dornan
  • Year:2020
  • Runtime:101 mins
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score:64%
  • Streaming Platform:Netflix

One of the greatest accolades that can be given to Justin Benson with the Aaron Moorheads filmmaking team is that their films are more engaging when you don''t know anything. Depending on how many hours you''ll be reading this review, one might wonder why anyone would bother reading it. Perhaps you should simply watch Synchronic, their most recent one.

This narrative about enhanced vision, relativity, time, luck, and fate isnt perfect. It takes an excessive amount of time to develop its concept. It does not go as far into the minds of its two compelling lead characters (a pair of New Orleans ambulances portrayed by Anthony Mackie and Jamie Dornan who are looking at a series of deadly drug-related killings) as it remains promising.

Because the backstory of the key character has been revealed to us without allowing us to experience it from the inside, the film''s climactic courage isn''t quite as impressive as it should be.

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  • Director:Jang Hang-jun
  • Writer:Jang Hang-jun
  • Cast:Kang Ha-neul, Kim Moo-yul
  • Year:2017
  • Runtime:108 mins
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score:n/a
  • Streaming Platform:Netflix

After a decade of sticking to television, director Jang Hang-jun came back to cinema in 2017 with Forgotten, a compelling supernatural thriller about just the life behind a guy named Ji-Seok.

Despite flirting with triumph at the Korean blockbuster, the film boasts a well-executed, methodically unraveling plot. Moreover, the narrative of the films combines a genuine sense of mystery and perplexity. This is a fascinating film that is more than a paint-by-numbers look at how experiences in life can drastically change a person.

Jin-Seok (Kang Ha-neul) and his parents, as well as an older brother, had recently relocated to a new structure, which is somewhat unusual. While there appears to be nothing out of the norm, Jin-Seok does not feel at ease beneath the new roof. This is worse when his sibling is kidnapped and only returns after three weeks.

After his brother reappears, Jin-Seok notices how his entire nuclear family is acting oddly. Then they informed him that it wasnt 1997, but 2017, what happened? Forgotten is a feast for the eyes set against an intriguing and intricate narrative. It''s a polished entry in the South Korean intervention canon.

24.Coming Home in the Dark

  • Director:James Ashcroft
  • Writer:James Ashcroft
  • Cast: Daniel Gillies, Erik Thomson
  • Year:2021
  • Runtime:93 mins
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score:92%
  • Streaming Platform:Netflix

While it has been sticking to that strategy for a long time, the film adaptation of James Ashcroft gradually unveils another story layer that tinkeres with our sympathy.

The main problems remain constant, causing the thumbscrews to tighten and reducing the likelihood that a film might go to make people uncomfortable and afraid before it becomes abuse a little less rare.

If you want to go with big-budget action as well as horror films, you can expect to see all of Annie Collins and filmmaker Matt Henley playing verbose and nasty bad guy parts. Despite this, Coming Home in the Dark remains a compelling opportunity at worst, and a promise of eternal classics at best, even if each viewer mileage varies. It''s a razor-edged business card.


  • Director:Julien Leclercq
  • Writer:Julien Leclercq
  • Cast:Marilyn Lima, Michel Nabokoff
  • Year:2020
  • Runtime:80 mins
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score:70%
  • Streaming Platform:Netflix

There are a lot of revenge thrillers out there, so what sets Sentinelle apart from the rest? To begin with, the story involves Klara (Olga Kurylenko), a former soldier who returns home after a frightening close encounter in combat.

Klara takes matters into her own hands, using her weapons knowledge and abilities to identify potential assassins. Sentinelle, like previously stated, is a hard-hitting action thriller that comes in under 90 minutes.

It sadly fails to fall out of the shadow created by those films, which have recently given us some very imaginative vengeance thrillers. Sentinelle isnt a horrible film; it''s a fast-paced thriller that does what it needs to do and loses control quickly. However, it also departs without fanfare or a lasting impression on its audience.

22.Rust Creek

  • Director:Jen McGowan
  • Writer:Jen McGowan
  • Cast: Jay Paulson, Sean OBryan
  • Year:108 mins
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score:85%
  • Streaming Platform:Netflix

Sawyer Scott, an ambitious university student who teaches a job before Thanksgiving, is played by Hermione Corfield in Rust Creek. Sawyer was left in Appalachian woodland after deciding to avoid the freeway in favor of a less commuter experience.

After seeing something nobody was supposed to see, a couple of brothers track the woman through the bitter-cold woodlands. Rust Creek is evident proof that you can do a lot with perhaps a little specific, the financing for a film. It''s a tense tale and a great tone.

When a film setup isn''t quite right, weve all had a sense of dread. The majority of individuals either modify their Netflix preferences or criticize their poor VOD choices and seek out another film to watch.

On the other hand, critics had a different reaction, something similar to Oh no, again 80 minutes of this? The opening twenty minutes of Rust Creek put this critic in a bad mood, as he was concerned not about what would transpire to the film''s protagonist, but how long the very next hour would last.

The biggest joy about filmmaker Jen McGowans'' picture is how much she takes to save it from that awful first act, even if she cant quite restore it to a point where it''s worthwhile recommending.

21.Army of Thieves

  • Director:Matthias Schweighofer
  • Writer:Matthias Schweighofer
  • Cast:Nathalie Emmanuel, Ruby O. Fee
  • Year:2021
  • Runtime:127 mins
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score:71%
  • Streaming Platform:Netflix

Matthias Schweighofer, Zack Synder, and directed the film Army of Thieves. It serves as a precursor to the Synders adrenaline-pumping Army of the Dead.

Dieter (Matthias Schweighofer), who appears as Sebastian, is a potsdam safecracking specialist, and his journey into the city when one of his safecracking educational YouTube videos attracts the attention of a mysterious viewer, and he is recruited to join an elite bank robbery led by Gwendoline (Natalie Emmanuel).

Across Europe, a gang of criminals proposes to break into unbreakable safes. Thieves are on its own two feet as a formidable extension of something like the Army universe, thanks to outstanding performances and thrilling set-pieces.

20.The Hateful Eight

  • Director:Quentin Tarantino
  • Writer:Quentin Tarantino
  • Cast:Kurt Russell, Jennifer Jason Leigh
  • Year:2015
  • Runtime:188 mins
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score:74%
  • Streaming Platform:Netflix

When a fierce snowstorm hits post-Civil Military conflict Wyoming, a stagecoach is transporting a hodgepodge of hard-to-trust law enforcers and criminals. Minnies Haberdashery, an isolated enclave already home to its own collection of enigmatic lodgers. The powers of good versus bad are locked in a cooking pot.

Personalities are divided and lives are being questioned, as some of the residents'' genuine intentions come to light. The Hateful Eight, directed by John Carpenters The Thing, is a near as well-known siege thriller, and is a spiritual successor to Django Unchained (a well-known character).

In a snow-covered Wyoming cabin, Tarantino takes his time imagining his main cast. Not only plot twists and character revelations, but also formal violations. The Hateful Eight is also more artistic than classical.

The filmmaker who directs Ennio Morricone, the Belch and the belch of spaghetti Westerns, to compose an original score for a film that isn''t a typical sumptuous revenge Western about character relationships to the land they''re currently fighting to claim, and then writes something on a film that isn''t a typical scrumptious vengeance Western about character types friendships to the land they''re currently fighting to claim.

19.The Guilty

  • Director:Antoine Fuqua
  • Writer:Antoine Fuqua
  • Cast:Ethan Hawke, Riley Keough
  • Year:2021
  • Runtime:91 mins
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score:73%
  • Streaming Platform:Netflix

Officer Joe Baylor (Jake Gyllenhaal) of the Los Angeles Police Department works the night shift for 9-1-1 dispatching. Joe receives a phone from a woman who claimed to have been kidnapped while waiting for a court appearance for an apparently unknown incident that occurred months ago.

As Joe fulfills every step he can to assist his kidnapped caller, it becomes evident that one call may have something to do with Joes past than he realizes. The Guilty is a fist-clenching thriller anchored by Gyllenhaals. It may not be as good as the original Danish film from 2018, but the ability onstage and remotely comparable photography are engrossing.

If the sanity is broken, please try again. In a nutshell, scriptwriter Nic Pizzolatto (True Detective) does provide some musical notes of discourse on American policing and unintelligent maleness that differ slightly from his narrative, and Jake Gyllenhaal is ready to deliver as expected, attempting to again prove that he is among the most powerful actors.

18.Level Sixteen

  • Director:Danishka Esterhazy
  • Writer:Danishka Esterhazy
  • Cast:Celina Martin, Peter Outerbridge
  • Year:2018
  • Runtime:102 mins
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score:83%
  • Streaming Platform:Netflix

Educators in a dystopian primary school are preparing their students for a life outside the institution walls. Vivien (Katie Douglas) and Sophia (Celina Martin) are two individuals who live on the facilitys level 16, which is the last stage before their discharge. However, as their deadline approaches, the girls realize that the violent organization in which they have spent their whole lives might have prematur preparations for those imprisoned in their cages.

Level 16 is a sci-fi surprise that will keep you wondering before departing into third-act anarchy and craziness. It''s a dazzling blend of genre themes, with bits of Suspiria and also the Stepford Wives thrown here and there.

The Science Fantasy concept is absent from social criticism and adolescent difficulties. Along with its content, as well as how it is created and where it plays, this is aimed at a wider audience. It might have been considered a work of emancipation.

17.In the Shadow of the Moon

  • Director:Jim Mickle
  • Writer:Jim Mickle
  • Cast:Cleopatra Coleman, Michael C. Hall
  • Year:2019
  • Runtime:115 mins
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score:58%
  • Streaming Platform:Netflix

In films like We Are what We Are and Cold in July, producer Jim Mickle has a history of balancing different genres and attitudes, but he falls backward in this one in part due to a bad performance at the center of the storm.

For a strange film such this to maintain its human connection, a strong anchor is required, and Boyd Holbrook simply fails to do so. Its a strangely dull, unengaging portrayal that falls short of the pieces expectations. It''s a psychological thriller.

This is a fantastic example of a film that loses interest as we address almost all of its issues, but that would have worked a lot better if it didnt feel there was a need to cross every I and dot each T. We combined the majority of the secrets in In the Shadow of the Moon before Lockhart, which eroded the lower portion of the plot''s intensity.

16.Nocturnal Animals

  • Director:Tom Ford
  • Writer:Tom Ford
  • Cast:Jake Gyllenhaal, Aaron Taylor-Johnson
  • Year:2016
  • Runtime:116 mins
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score:74%
  • Streaming Platform:Netflix

As Susan unwraps the novel, a schoolteacher (Jake Gyllenhaal) as well as his household, encounters a gang of criminals on a remote country road, posing a ruthless villain.

The more Susan reads nocturnal Animals, a suspense-filled contemporary noir with fantastic performances.

The film''s final scene is designed to include enthusiastic audiences as they depart the cinema, and that for a surprisingly long time, and my immediate takeaway from it is a concern: why did not it impact me more strongly? However, this is a film that claims that not having a strong reaction to anything related to the film is a means of having a powerful reaction to it.

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  • Director:Patrick Brice
  • Writer:Patrick Brice
  • Cast:Patrick Brice, Katie Aselton
  • Year:2014
  • Runtime:82 mins
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score:90%
  • Streaming Platform:Netflix

When Aaron (Patrick Brice) receives a paying paycheck from a strange new client, his visit to the mans hilly and mountainous house quickly devolves into a vile hellish experience when the property owner, Josef (Mark Duplass) claims to have provided a documentary for his innocent fetus before dying of a brain tumor.

At a minimum, Josef requires Aaron to believe, but the truth is far worse, as the audience will find. Creep feels like a short picture, yet its full of suspense and misdirections as Josef''s motives become more hazy.

Creep expects nothing to be as straightforward as it appears right from the start. Even before he starts filming Josefs monologues, Aaron is described as completely disingenuous, if not plain foolish. At the halfway point, there is a completely predictable revelation of dishonesty. Or when something else happens, followed by a series of other, far more surprising events. A good thriller.

14.Gunpowder Milkshake

  • Director:Navot Papushado
  • Writer:Navot Papushado
  • Cast:Lena Headey, Chloe Coleman
  • Year:2021
  • Runtime:114 mins
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score:57%
  • Streaming Platform:Netflix

In this thrilling adventure film, Karen Gillan portrays Sam, a slightly elevated killer for The Firm, an underworld organization. When Sam was kidnapped, she strengthened her cold-blooded anxieties.

Sam is required to honor her commitment to the organization that supports her life, as well as the life of an unsuspecting 8-year-old child in the wake of a botched incident (Chloe Coleman). Gunpowder Milkshake is a dramatic picture from beginning to finish, with a fascinating subject, great actors, and exceptional cinematography.

Gunpowder Milkshake, directed by Navot Papushado, is a half-a-week adventure story, part-a-mother-daughter drama, and it adheres to traditional and sometimes humorous notes. Even when a portrayal falters or a line of speech rings false, he builds a world that has become so odd, both physically and in terms of how it does not really work, that it just doesn''t ruin the film.

The film''s high level of spectacle, which is achieved through eye-catching art direction and visual flair, can jeopardize the star-studded cast. A movie to watch that has excellent performances.

13.The Vault

  • Director:Jaume Balaguero
  • Writer:Jaume Balaguero
  • Cast:Freddie Highmore, Astrid Berges-Frisbey
  • Year:2021
  • Runtime:118 mins
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score:51%
  • Streaming Platform:Netflix

In The Vault, Thom, a successful engineer who stumbles into some drunken intel. While Thom and his staff discover a hidden vast collection beneath The Financial institution of Spain, they devise a shady strategy to sneak into the property and steal the wealth while the rest of the country is impacted by the World Cup final.

The Vault hits in all kinds of ways that a robbery thriller can make it a fantastic performance, owing to its deep vocals and undergirded by certain fantastic set pieces and distinct locations. A fantastic film to watch.

12.Hold the Dark

  • Director:Macon Blair
  • Writer:Macon Blair
  • Cast:Jeffrey Wright, Alexander Skarsgard
  • Year:2018
  • Runtime:TV-MA
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score:71%
  • Streaming Platform:Netflix

Jeremy Saulnier is returning to Alaska for something like a dramatization of William Giraldis Hold the Dark and his follow-up to the ultra-violent Green Room. Russell Core, played by Jeffrey Wright, is a wolf-tracker hired by Medora Slone (Riley Keough), a woman concerned that a group of nasty wolves kidnapped her infant son. As Russell begins his investigation, Medoras husband, Vernon, is brought home.

Vernon, who is engulfed by the atrocities of frontline combat, starts a farewell spiral into madness with his finest budget yet. With his massive chase scenes, Jeremy Saulnier creates a bleak reinterpretation of Giraldis, complete with a creepy soundtrack.

11.Cop Car

  • Director:Jon Watts
  • Writer:Jon Watts
  • Cast:James Freedson-Jackson, Hays Wellford
  • Year:2015
  • Runtime:86 mins
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score:81%
  • Streaming Platform:Netflix

Travis, but also Harrison (James Freedson, as well as Hays Wellford) are two rogue teenagers on the loose. When the guys arrive upon an apparently abandoned police vehicle, they decide to take it for the afternoon. What they do not realize is that the cruiser belongs to the fearsome Sheriff Kretzer (Kevin Bacon), who has several reasons for wanting it back.

The body hes keeping through its trunk is one of them. While the picture is moving at a rather slow pace, there are plenty of surprises in place to provide for a more relaxing viewing experience. Kretzer, the bad guy on the dark side of the law who terrorizes the adolescent teenagers


  • Director:Zach Lipovsky
  • Writer:Zach Lipovsky
  • Cast:Bruce Dern, Grace Park
  • Year:2019
  • Runtime:105 mins
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score:88%
  • Streaming Platform:Netflix

Chloe (Lexy Kolker) decides to daydream of a world outside her four walls, and discovers she has extraordinary abilities. She is one of the millions of amazing people known as Abnormals, a large group of so-called freaks being hunted by the authorities.

Chloe must utilize her telekinesis abilities to save her house and outsmart those who want her dead following discovering her mother, assumed dead, is an Unusual herself, and is being held hostage in an underground jail. Freaks combine thriller, horror, and science fiction themes for a strange but intriguing combination of old and new cliches, except through the views of its main heroine, Chloe.

When we think about super-powered people, it shouldn''t be a question of whether or not some of these films add something worthwhile to the plethora of topics about people who delight us by performing the physically impossible, such as controlling minds, becoming invisible, or shooting into the sky.

Freaks'' superpowers make it seem akin to plot devices rather than insightful insights into how to transcend physics and apply it in a living situation. Freaks'' greatest flaw is that it isn''t sufficient.

9.The Call

  • Director:Lee Chung-Hyun
  • Writer:Lee Chung-hyun
  • Cast:Jeon Jong-seo, Kim Sung-ryung
  • Year:2020
  • Runtime:112 mins
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score:100%
  • Streaming Platform:Netflix

Chung-Hyun Lees The Conversation takes place two days before, while Seo-Yeon (Shin-Hye Park) lives in the modern. The Call, a strange blend of science fiction and psychological suspense, gets top marks from us for its gripping story, dark tone, strong actors, and plenty of creativity.

8.Red Dot

  • Director:Alain Darborg
  • Writer:Alain Darborg
  • Cast:Johannes Bah Kuhnke, Nanna Blondell
  • Year:2021
  • Runtime:TV-MA
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score:70%
  • Streaming Platform:Netflix

David (Anastasios Soulis) and Nadja (Nanna Blondell), a group of young couples, who live a busy life of work, study, and poor communication skills. When Nadja discovers she is pregnant, she decides to keep her news secret until she and David go on a fabulous skiing trip to Swedens far north.

As they lose themselves in nature''s bounty, a hidden dot of something like a rifle sight captures the married couples every step in the harsh winter wilderness. It is a nightmare fight for survival, and Red Dot is a action-packed survival thriller that helps us feel as lost and paranoid as the films main characters.

7.The Night Clerk

  • Director:Michael Cristofer
  • Writer:Michael Cristofer
  • Cast:Ana de Armas, Helen Hunt
  • Year:2020
  • Runtime:90 mins
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score:36%
  • Streaming Platform:Netflix

In The Night Clerk, Tye Sheridan plays Bart Bromley, a solitary hotel worker on the autism spectrum. After witnessing a catastrophe through surveillance cameras he installed in a spare bedroom himself, Bart would become a prime perpetrator in the police investigation.

As friendship and sexual feelings develop, the plot deepens even more, thanks to Barts'' boss. Sheridan as well as de Armas, deliver strong lead performances, making this a great addition to your collection.

6.I Care a Lot

  • Director:J Blakeson
  • Writer:J Blakeson
  • Cast:Rosamund Pike, Peter Dinklage
  • Year:2020
  • Runtime:118 mins
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score:78%
  • Streaming Platform:Netflix

Marla Grayson (Rosamund Pike) is a ruthless and ruthless con artist from Massachusetts. Marla, whose partner, Fran, is a court-appointed legal ward, who makes their fortune by legally funneling the assets of their elderly customers. This is until they meet Jennifer Peterson (Dianne Wiest), an affluent senior who has no living relatives and is the ideal target for Marla and Fran.

Jennifer has just realized that she can have some not-so-forgiving mob connections. As the mob draws in on Marlas'' challenging adventures, it becomes a violent game of sharks against sharks. I Care a Lot is a daring film that features a fantastic performance from Pike as well as a nail-biting script.

The turnaround time is flawless, and the clockwork accuracy is both astonishing and disturbing.

5.The Occupant

  • Director:Alex Pastor
  • Writer:Alex Pastor
  • Cast:Javier Gutierrez, Mario Casas
  • Year:2020
  • Runtime:103 mins
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score:61%
  • Streaming Platform:Netflix

Javier Gutierrez plays Javier Muoz, a high-ranking CEO who declares bankruptcy in The Occupant. As he prepares to buy work, the high-earner watches as his opulent penthouse is listed for sale. When new residents arrive, Javier is psychologically disturbed and starts to become recognized in unsavory ways. Gutierrez is a standout, combining corporate greed, wisdom, and making contact with human civilization into chilling lead effectiveness that propels the film forward

4.Velvet Buzzsaw

  • Director:Dan Gilroy
  • Writer:Dan Gilroy
  • Cast:Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo
  • Year:2019
  • Runtime:113 mins
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score:61%
  • Streaming Platform:Netflix

The art industry is a strange place to be involved in, particularly when the bad spirits of leftist artists begin to wreak havoc on the environment. In Dan Gilroy''s bizarre Velvet Buzzsaw, where Morf Vandewalt, an unusual art critic, comes into contact with vetril Deases'' possessions (Alan Mandell).

Death, amputation, and other horrible events are causing us to wonder where the boundary between fact and fiction is formed. Velvet Buzzsaw is a massive, strange, and colorful show that you wont soon forget.

The spooky mixture of comedy and entertainment sounds like a real deal that Netflix could take right now. It''s a jumble, but mostly pleasant, and varies widely between farce and horror, never veering into boring. Plus, the LAs most known and feared art critic, finds himself following Josephine (Zawe Ashton), who works as a deceitful pop star and photographer. When a neighbor passes away, Josephine discovers an apartment filled with otherworldly art

3.The Killing of a Sacred Deer

  • Director:Yorgos Lanthimos
  • Writer:Yorgos Lanthimos
  • Cast:Nicole Kidman, Barry Keoghan
  • Year:2017
  • Runtime:112 mins
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score:80%
  • Streaming Platform:Netflix

Dr. Steven Murphy (Colin Farrell) is a cardiology surgeon who enjoys living a life similar to the Stepford family. He has a wonderful wife, two adorable children, and a clean house. One thing, though, is out of order. Martin (Barry Keoghan) is a parentless adolescent who appears to be ineffective in involveting into the doctors life in ever-more horrifying ways. Martin, it turns out, has many wonderful intentions. Nicole Kidman

The film "The Killing of a Sacred Deer" is an exciting one to watch, claiming that it engages viewers in a more hysterical manner and feels so polished in its composition. It''s a rare film that can be simultaneously horrifying, hysterical, bizarre, and heartbreaking at the same time. It''s strong enough to be timeless, just like the Greek epic that inspired the film.


  • Director:Nicolas Pesce
  • Writer:Nicolas Pesce
  • Cast:Mia Wasikowska, Laia Costa
  • Year:2018
  • Runtime:82 mins
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score:72%
  • Streaming Platform:Netflix

Reed is a relatively close family in search of a release valve for his fury. As a result, he chooses a prostitute. This is not a sex item. For the crime of murder. Jackie (Mia Wasikowska), a call girl as shrewd, vicious, and merciless as Reed, was not what he anticipated. When the two meet, a deadly sport of cat and mouse ensues.

The film "Jubeir" based on the same name, and writer-director Nicholas Pesce makes no reference to the source material. Abbott & Wasikowska, both talented actors who flourish as Piercings sad psychopaths, have just added to this set.


  • Director:Matt Palmer
  • Writer:Matt Palmer
  • Cast:Jack Lowden, Martin McCann
  • Year:2018
  • Runtime:TV-MA
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score:95%
  • Streaming Platform:Netflix

Two long-time friends, a millionaire and his boarding school pal, go on a shooting trip in the Scottish Highlands. They find themselves in unexpectedly frightening situations that they never planned to encounter. The British thriller, which was released on Netflix in the United Kingdom, is now available on Netflix.

Whether it''s racing against time to save miners out of an ice-covered death (The Ice Road), trying to deal with the sluggish idiosyncrasies of a famous docudrama host (Creep) a horror film maybe or not, or trying to take a 9-1-1 call that might imply life and death again for complainant on the other back of the journey (The Guilty) a wide array of thriller films will keep you connected to

The only difficult task youll encounter is deciding among hundreds of submissions. Weve compiled the above list of all the best thriller movies on Netflix right now. These were also Netflix''s best thrillers, right? Also includes a Netflix original film.

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