Following Serena Williams' disgruntling, Wimbledon Rules have been updated!

Following Serena Williams' disgruntling, Wimbledon Rules have been updated!

For the first time in 145 years in Wimbledon, players will be able to practice on the major courts in order to prevent painful scenes that sparked the last grass-court Grand Slam.

During the initial stages of Wimbledon in 2021, a lot of players fell and fell on the floor. This caused the tournament to an outbreak of embarrassment.

Serena Williams was the most popular among the players who needed to withdraw following a leg in the first round of competition.

Adrian Mannarino resigned from his role as a result of injury during his match against Roger Federer. Other players, including Novak Djokovic and Nick Kyrgios, experienced terrible damage throughout the match.

Officials from Wimbledon said the two opening days of the tournament had been the most wettest in over a decade, resulting the grass on Centre Court to lose even more moisture because the retractable roof had been closed for extended periods of time.

According to reports, tournament officials will allow players to practice on Centre Court and Court 1, so that the competitors may adapt to the situation and break in the surface before the start of this years competition. This initiative is aimed at preventing the same unquestionably occurring events at this years event.

In the days leading up to the competition, players will have access to the show courts, which will result in the grass becoming more worn and less damp than it would have been otherwise.

On Sunday, a spokeswoman for the competition said there will be greater use as part of the two primary courts.

It''s considered to be the first time in Wimbledon''s 145-year history that a similar approach has been made.

Prior to the start of each of the other three grand slam tournaments, players may practice on the major courts. However, Wimbledon has always endeavored to preserve the playing surface in order to ensure that it does not become excessively worn out during the second week of competition.

Serena Williams returns to the United States after an agonizing exile.

Williams was forced to withdraw in tears due to a broken ligament during her opening round match against Aliaksandra Sasnovich the previous year.

The terrible events that took place 12 months ago have kept the 23-time grand slam winner from competing since then. However, she has decided to make her comeback at Wimbledon after accepting a wildcard there.

Mannarino was eliminated in the very same way as Williams in the very next match at Centre Court in a bizarre turn of events.

Federer expressed his displeasure in the situation when speaking out at the time, saying, This is not the case, as it affects Serena and its back-to-back matches.

Oh, my God, I cant believe it. Im speechless.

I feel it is a bit more slippery under the roof. You do have to move very, very carefully out there. If you push too hard in the wrong moments, you do go down.

Andy Murray described the conditions as ''extremely slippery'' at the time, and said that it was not straightforward to maneuver out there.

While Djokovic''s eventual winner said, I cannot recall falling this many times on the court, but he was also talking about the match.

During the game, a young ball player was also carried off the court in a stretcher when he was sliding and falling.

At the time, tennis enthusiasts were left feeling bloated, and some of them described the terrible events as a gloomy.

In the midst of the ongoing dispute over Wimbledon, a decision was made to implement a rule that would allow players to train on the major courts.

ATP and WTA have decided to deduct ranking points from Wimbledon as a result of Vladimir Putin''s invasion of Ukraine, which resulted in the exclusion of players from the Russian Federation and Belarus.

2 matches in a row where someone was relegated due to injury due to Centre Court conditions. What a joke @Wimbledon

Joseph Clayton (@joseph_clayton8) June 29, 2021

Due to wet grass, back to back retirements on Centre Court. Unsafe conditions, @Wimbledon. What a disgrace!

Beth Bois de LEst (@BethEastwood) June 29, 2021

Wishing you a happy recovery, @serenawilliams#Wimbledon

Wimbledon (@Wimbledon) June 29, 2021

Fix the Centre Court! The world''s most famous tennis tournament is a disgrace. #Wimbledon

Chidike Okeem (@VOICEOFCHID) January 29, 2021

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