In the West, Dusk Diver 2 will be released on PlayStation and Switch on August 30

In the West, Dusk Diver 2 will be released on PlayStation and Switch on August 30

Last time we discussed Dusk Diver 2, it had its release window confirmed, with a new trailer to go alongside it. A few months came and went, and the summer was scheduled to begin this year (the targeted release window was the Summer of this year). So, what exactly do we do today?

This games, for the record, is a hack-and-slash RPG and hot-swapping between characters, as long as your characters swap and constantly buff them as you go through it, and this is fine, according to the creator. There is also a new trailer for the upcoming release, which you can watch below.

Dusk Diver 2 is a sequel to the first title and follows Yumo and his friends as they take up arms once more to safeguard the Human Realm from invaders colliding on the Taipeis Ximending neighborhood and its dark underworld, according to Youshanding. Yumo and his firm are governed by rules throughout the game.

Dusk Diver 2, besides being a hack-and-slash RPG, is intended to have a fully customizable orb and weapon system, which allows its users a lot of freedom, even if it''s related. However, on the games release date and related info, because there is a clear release date for the North American release.

Dusk Diver 2 is already available on PC via Steam, but its international PlayStation and Nintendo Switch releases will be released on August 30th and 2022. The physical version, known as the Launch Version, includes a copy of the game, a 44-page softcover art book, a 17-track official soundtrack CD, and an exclusive trading card.

Dusk Diver 2 is now available on PC via Steam. It will be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch on August 30th, 2022. In other news, a new Nintendo Direct centered on the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has been announced. It''ll take place on June 22, 2022.

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