Thousands of PC components can be auctioned by Artesian Builds to pay off bankruptcy

Thousands of PC components can be auctioned by Artesian Builds to pay off bankruptcy

Artesian Builds, an ex-PC builder company, will soon see the company''s inventory from their two US locations sold at auction to pay off debts, which led to the company''s bankruptcy filing. The lot includes several motherboards, processors, GPUs, and other components to distribute their stock to other companies.

The naivety of CEO Noah Katz is believed to be the decline and demise of his PC company, Artesian Builds.

Include items in auction lots for grabs (listed in order of quantity from lowest to highest):

  • 43 computer systems (not fully completed)
  • 59 GPUs
  • 167 hard disk drives and solid-state drives
  • 219 RAM kits
  • 283 cooling systems
  • 346 motherboards
  • 359 power supply units
  • 360 processors
  • 413 PC cases

Consumers should not expect to receive a bid for any of the above items, as the company will have an auction via Zoom for the lots from their North Carolina and California offices to sell to the highest bid, with an increment bid of $5000 or higher. This will be beneficial for beginning businesses looking for the stock to build their products or established PC build companies to purchase additional stock for cheap. At the time of Artesian Builds'' bankruptcy, the court found the company still has $917,595 of remaining inventory.

The result of the Artesian Builds consumer is the hundreds of outstanding orders that were still at the conclusion of their operations. According to a written financial sheet, the unfulfilled orders from consumers to Artesian Builds were estimated to be $1.37 million dollars.

The most striking auction item has nothing to do with computer parts. Non-profit organizations in the country have seen their name, domain, and registered trademarks, but they are also subjected to a user''s information, which is "possibly subjected to the requirement of appointment and review by a consumer privacy regulator."

Following a live stream in which a raffle of a high-end gaming PC was held from the winner due to the person not having enough influence on social media, especially on the Twitch platform. Some believe that Noah Katz''s "inexperience" in the company was the real threat.

THEY ARE YOU LIKE WHAT? Sorry not everybody has money for a PC. EXPENSIVE! So condescending. @ArtesianBuilds do better. I earned that PC. This makes me feel like I''m not a good streamer. (cont.)

kia (@kiapiaa_) March 1, 2022

PC Gamer reports that all debts being paid are listed in order of importance, starting with secured creditors and then unsecured creditors. Ex-employees will see some payment made, but it will fall once the secured creditors are paid their due. Consumers are unaware that Artesian Builds will deliver to any person who has lost money due to its negligence. However, this legality is that there may not be any funds left to repay the debts, especially if the company does not have the capacity to pay off the

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