RT64, the next N64 Emulator, has an ability to support Ray Traced Lighting, DLSS, Object Motion Blur, Widescreen, and 60+ FPS

RT64, the next N64 Emulator, has an ability to support Ray Traced Lighting, DLSS, Object Motion Blur

"RT64," a new N64 emulator package that supports Ray Traced lighting, DLSS, objection motion blur, widescreen, and 60+ FPS, has arrived under our radar.

The emulator plugin was developed earlier this month by known modder and software developer ''Dario'', the artist responsible for the stunning''sm64rt'', the path-traced renderer for the unofficial Super Mario 64 PC port that offers Ray Tracing. The developer took to Twitter to talk about his new project and shared some gameplay footage.

I''d like to inform you that RT64, the path tracer behind sm64rt, is evolving into an N64 emulator plugin.

Here''s a few scenes from games that are already showing results.

Ray traced lighting, object motion blur, widescreen, DLSS, and 60+ FPS. pic.twitter.com/qLJHzGfKUc

Dario (@dariosamo) June 3, 2022

According to ''Dario,'' he started working on this emulator plugin last month; although the project is still very early, he expects it to be released in a few months from now.

"I started this project a month ago as a way to improve the PC port''s backend as quickly as possible, and I quickly realized it might become a generic emulation solution that would allow me to perform these enhancements to far more games," he adds.

"This project is very much in its infancy, and it''s several months away from being released," said the developer, who has said so far, but the results are enormously rewarding. I also realize that every N64 game can be performed without having to perform a manual task, as it''s still a process to determine lighting for a particular title."

''Dario'' writes that he intends to make this new emulator plugin compatible with the existing Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time PC ports as it will provide significant performance improvements.

The majority of games that never had 60 FPS patches may play at 60 FPS or more, while still operating at their original rates.

Sadly, visual interpolation limitations are a problem, but there is still a way to assist them.

Dario (@dariosamo) will be released on June 3, 2022.

With the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, this project appears to be quite impressive. Moreover, unlike many other modifications and plugins, the RT64 plugin does not appear to alter the game''s appearance.

As soon as more information about this promising N64 emulator plugin comes in, we''ll update you. For the time being, stay tuned. Do you like what you''re seeing? Hit the button below to see what you''re seeing.

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