EastEnders episodes will be released EARLY as the box sets will return to the BBC iPlayer

EastEnders episodes will be released EARLY as the box sets will return to the BBC iPlayer

this summer, has revealed that weekly box sets will be available on BBC iPlayer.

With a busy summer of sport starting on BBC One, the programme will once again air each week on BBC iPlayer, with all four episodes being released every Monday from June 27.

This will continue over the summer until mid-August and will allow viewers to watch the long-running soap whenever or wherever it suits them on BBC iPlayer, or they may tune in as the episodes air on BBC One.

In other words, the broadcast will be moving to BBC Two as part of a scheduling shake-up this summer due to 2022.

The soap will air on BBC Two in the week commencing Monday and June 27, as the first matches will be broadcast on BBC One instead.

The BBC Two will continue to broadcast in its current 7:30pm broadcast throughout the fortnight.

This summer, the Mitchell family will be at the center of the drama as Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) builds a deadly enemy in prison, leaving him wondering if this is the end.

As Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf) settles into the Square, her intentions are soon apparent, and they are facing significant consequences.

Despite Kathy Beales'' support, Ben Mitchells (Max Bowden) is poised to spiral even more out of control as he reels from the trauma of his attack at Lewis Butler (Aidan OCallaghan).

As Mitch Baker (Roger Griffiths) discovers that his son, Avery (Omar Lye-Fook MBE), and Avery''s two sons, Finlay (Ashley Byam) and Felix (Matthew Morrison, appear unexpectedly in Walford.

Mitch soon realizes that Avery is keeping a secret from him, but secrets aren''t kept for long.

As their loyalty passes to a breaking point, the Panesars will be forced to face one of their toughest times in the meantime.

With secrets expected to be exposed, tensions lingering away, and families approaching a breakpoint, it will be a far cry from a quiet summer in Albert Square.

The executive producer said that with such a big summer of sport ahead, box setting all four episodes again this year feels like the perfect way to enable viewers to select when and where they want to get their weekly fix from Albert Square. This is because this is the perfect way to ensure that no one has to miss out.

From Monday June 27, the weekly box sets will begin at 6am, and the final week will begin August 15.

On BBC One, the broadcast will be on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights at 7.30pm. Check out ourTV Guide for full listings. You may also check out episodes onBBC iPlayernow.

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