After one of the most dramatic scenes ever, Love Island fans are 'in shock.'

After one of the most dramatic scenes ever, Love Island fans are 'in shock.'

When we thought we were doing with cliffhangers for a few days, producers decided to throw another one in.

Ekin-Su and Amber''s battle and Indiyah and Ikenna''s relationship ended, but viewers weren''t expecting it to come to an end on another level.

As the episode of the islandes was approaching its conclusion, they received a text asking them to gather around the fire pit, where they were told who the bottom three girlsTasha, Amber, and Ekin-Suand boysAndrew, Ikenna, and Jaywere were voting.

But just when we were getting ready to grieve another two islanders leaving, the episode ended, bringing viewers to confronting yet another cliffhanger (no doubt shouting at their TVs/laptops/tablets/smartphones) and taking to social media to express their displeasure.

"I liveee for love island, but these damn cliffhangers have to go. #LoveIsland," one writes; while another says: "this was the best love island episode i ever watched in so long im in shock #loveisland."

I liveee for a love island, but these nasty cliffhangers have to go. #LoveIslandJune 20, 2022

This was the best love island episode ive seen in so long im in shock #loveislandJune 20, 2022

A third caption of ''''The Woody looking mischievous wrote: "Producers know they are just about to drop a TEXT then end the episode #loveisland."

A fourth adds: "Hate when love island finishes like that, not a wink of sleep be received."

Producers are aware that they will just drop a TEXT before ending the episode #loveisland 20, 2022

Hate when love island ends like that, not a wink of sleep be sucked #SickJune 20, 2022

Another matter that left viewers dissatisfied was the fact that the show makers picked some Avengers-style melodies towards the end.

on Love Island, are they playing the Avengers theme tune? One wrote, while another wrote: "This sounds like the avengers theme tune? #LoveIsland."

Are they putting the Avengers theme tune on Love Island???June 20, 2022

Is there anything about The Avengers music I heard at the end of the episode?!?! #LoveIslandJune 20, 2022

No doubt, we''ll have to wait to see who left the villa.

On ITV2, Love Island is now being implemented, and the ITV Hub (opens in a new tab), with new episodes going all night.

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