Maria Connor is exposed to the Coronation Street spoilers!

Maria Connor is exposed to the Coronation Street spoilers!

Another video in Maria Connor''s tonight episode of (8.00pm) is reportedly uploaded online, so please see our TV Guide for more information.

Maria Connor approaches Maxs head off in the barbers while being chastised by her neighbors for the unemptied bins. When Liam gets into a fight at school it becomes clear theres now another viral video containing Maria''s head, which she has been placed on a naked woman in order to make it look like she was in a porn film. Garys raging as a savage Marias shaken by how powerful the deep-fake video is.

Carla advises Peter to look at rejecting Thorne''s life-changing sum of money. Simon advises his father that a hundred grand might change their lives forever. Thorne sets their exchange short.

Peter meets up with Tricia, the nurse, and confesses to assuming she cann''t provide any further evidence, and says he''s contemplating abandoning the fight.

Stephen apologises for blaming Gail for his Audreys incident and offers to sway her husband and daughter together. At Audreys bedside, Stephen explicitly warns her that if they don''t patch things up, hell be on the first plane home.Will Audrey thaw towards Gail?

As he thanks her for her help, there is a lot of affection between Stephen and Elaine.

Todd urges George today to show Franks bullying methods. When George uncovers Frank once flushed his head down the loo for spilling water on him, Todd creates a strategy and steals a drink down Franks shirt. How will he react?

Eds are dissatisfied to hear Tim talking to Ronnie about Aggie''s husband''s abuse and accusing him of meddling in their relationship.

On Wednesday, on Coronation Street, the building will be restored at 8pm.

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