The year 1932 is now 1923: cast and everything we know about the Yellowstone prequel

The year 1932 is now 1923: cast and everything we know about the Yellowstone prequel

For those of us who were sad when it turned out that it was more of a limited series (myself included), no worries, we have a brand new prequel series, which will be called in the near future. During the star-filled UK launch Paramount announced that the show formerly known as, would now be called... bringing the show closer in time and potentially permitting some of the previously known characters to be involved in the new story.

Taylor Sheridan is once again the creative force behind this new story in the universe, which is likely to be a Paramount Plus original series. It''s actually one of the many projects she is planning for Paramount, including season 5 and the new series, in a number of different phases that remain in the universe, as well as.

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When is the 1923 release date?

Paramount Plus has announced the premiere of its series in December 2022, although it hasn''t revealed a date yet.

The December release is similar to how the first episodes of the Paramount Network series were released in December 2021 in the United States. Along with streaming on Paramount Plus, it premiered its first two episodes on the cable channel Channel Paramount Network, which included new episodes of Season 4, before the remaining eight episodes were available exclusively on the streaming service. Although there is a good chance season 5 will be able to have new episodes sometime this time.

What is the 1923 plot?

The Dutton family is one of the main characters in this prequel series, which focuses on the family''s before the events of. While following the Duttons as they took part in a wagon train from Texas to their eventual home in Montana, it has pushed things to a certain level in the 20th century. Paramount Plus:

"The next origin story will introduce a new generation of members of the Dutton family and explore the early 20th century when pandemics, historic drought, the end of Prohibition, and the Great Depression all plague the mountain west and the Duttons who call it home."

Who is in the 1923 cast?

The cast''s announcements are beginning, and the first two of the cast''s senior members are actors from the A-list: Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford.

Mirren and Ford are playing at this time, but we may make a few educated guesses (some spoilers if you''re not caught up with either or ).

There is reason to believe that if Margaret Dutton, played in both cases by Faith Hill, may still be alive, and that the Dutton matriarch might play a great role for Mirren.

As for Ford, considering the fate of James Dutton from Tim McGraw, and the fact that his little brother John Dutton would only be in his 40s, it seems more likely he is playing someone outside the Dutton family. Obiectiv is a topic.

Keep this page up as new cast members and details on who they are playing are announced.

Is there a 1923 trailer?

No, it''s still there. We''d anticipate that a trailer will not be released until October 2022, but you may post it here as soon as there is one.

How to watch Yellowstone and 1883

If you need to catch up with either or in advance, both series are available to stream, though in different locations.

All episodes of Paramount Plus are available for free. In the United States, all four episodes of are streaming on Peacock, so you must be a Peacock Premium subscriber.

Both streaming services available in the United Kingdom are available on Paramount Plus, which comes to the market on June 22.

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