Is Carol Vorderman on the verge of becoming a guest of Countdown?

Is Carol Vorderman on the verge of becoming a guest of Countdown?

Carol Vorderman might have dropped a big hint, which may mean that she''ll replace Anne Robinson as the new host of the show.

Rumors that Carol Vorderman might come back to normal even more so in May that Anne Robinson resigned.

Last week, the former co-presenter slammed that she was launching a brand-new campaign on social media; might she be returning to Channel 4?

Carol sent a selfie to her Instagram account (opens in a new tab) that reads: "On my journey to work...can''t wait to tell you what it is..." Next week...

"This bird has decided to return to work rather than hiding away for the last several years," says the author. "Expect problems"

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In the comments, Carol is keeping her new project a secret for the time being. Despite all of her followers, it could well be that she''s already signed up as the new host.

"Are you going back to the Countdown studio?" a fan said. "Put your time well wherever you''re going."

Another comment: "It''s great to see you hosting Countdown," while a third wrote: "Please tell it''s countdown."

Carol Vorderman first appeared on in 1982 and was remained co-host for 26 years year, before finally ending her stint in 2008 as the same day as Des O''Connor, the current host.

Rachel Riley, who first appeared in ''''Championship of Champions XIII,'' was replaced in January 2009.

Carol made it appear like she wasn''t in the running as a possible replacement for Anne Robinson earlier this year. On Twitter (opens in a new tab), she thanked her followers for their kind words and offered her support to whoever the new host might be.

"Thank you to all of you for putting such lovely things about me returning to Countdown. You are very kind 7 it would be an honour but I want to congratulate everyone who is the lucky human to be the new host with all of the love and 9 letter words in the world #CountWell #HappyDays."

Channel 4 officially airs weekdays at 2:10 pm for more information on all of the most recent shows, check out our TV Guide.

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