Fans of Sherwood are shocked by the Line of Duty 'H' style mystery

Fans of Sherwood are shocked by the Line of Duty 'H' style mystery

This week on BBC1 it has been continued, and fans have started comparing it to a match, following the discovery of a clue about a spy officer.

There''s something going on in, as we know that an undercover officer has secretly lived within the community since 1984, as he assimilated during the strikes and stayed, settling into their new identity.

During his stay on a business trip, Andy Fisher (Adeel Akhtar) and his new daughter-in-law Sarah Vincent came out laughing and killed her with a spade.

Andy is a shy, reclusive person who seeks to meet his son for help at the end of episode two blindsided viewers as it''s not like him to react to violence. He appears effectively sorry for his actions in episode 3, causing us to believe it was unintentional, but perhaps there''s more to Sarah''s murder than meets the eye.

Right now, everyone in the room appears to be a suspect, and fans are watching the style mystery surrounding who the undercover cop is, trying to determine their identity before it''s finally revealed.

Undercover police officers are known to have intimate relationships and even had families with people they were spying on, often leading double lives for years, so anyone in the community could gain access to that profile.

Fans remarked on Twitter that the BBC drama was "more hooked" than others, but some said that they shared the same cast members.

#LineofDuty #SherwoodJune 14, 2022 is now #Gone all.

#Sherwood has earned me more hooked than Line of Duty and its KILLING ME that I must wait a week for every episode.Jun 21, 2022

Wasn''t the chief uniformed officer adamant in #LineOfDuty? Ted Didn''t do a great job then did he? #SherwoodJune 20, 2022

My god @mrJamesGrahams #Sherwood is absolutely fantastic. Cant wait for the remainder of the series! 14, 2022

The spy cop storyline is based on real events, and for more information, please check out our Fact vs Fiction guide to discover all you need to know.

"We''re familiar with that as a tactic in other police dramas, like, where undercover officers may assume their identities and go and fight organised crime or terrorist cells," Graham said. "What''s completely shocking, and how that same thing was applied to completely non-violent, innocent, everyday people."

On BBC1 on Tuesday, June 21, at 9 pm, episodes are also available on BBC iPlayer.

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