This time for MerchantKale, another Elden Ring cut questline has been discovered

This time for MerchantKale, another Elden Ring cut questline has been discovered

This time, another cut quest line from Elden Ring has been discovered.

Sekiro Dubi, a reliable data miner, has discovered the quest, which may have gone from the beginning until the end.

Sekiro Dubi has resurrected the questline after months of work. There are a few surprises to come to life.

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Merchant Kale starts with the Church of Elleh. He is the first merchant you encounter in the game - the one in red, looking like Santa - and the only one to be correctly named.

Kale is having an extra conversation, revealing more about The Great Caravan - once home to merchants - that Kale has long sought for.

Kale would take on this quest after defeating Godrick at Stormveil Castle, but leaves behind messages hinting at his next position on his quest for The Great Caravan.

Kale would go to Liurnia and Leyndell, but they will be given fetch quests to continue the story. In a video, Sekiro Dubi dives deeper into their roles.

Kale might eventually discover the Subterranean Shunning Grounds beneath Leyndell, the location of the Three Fingers.

In the final game, this area is filled with corpses, but this questline would insinuate its last resting place of The Great Caravan. In retaliation, Kale would - unsuccessfully - attempt to exploit the power of the frenzied flame.

Elden Ring''s frenzied flame is considered the "evil," but this questline would certainly have more significance in the location of the Three Fingers and added extra narrative detail.

This cut questline is based on recent work by Sekiro Dubi in discovering a quest for Vyke, the knight on the game cover.

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