This week, you may play the whole of Outriders for free on Steam

This week, you may play the whole of Outriders for free on Steam

Outriders, a leading developer, is free to try on Steam this week, giving newbies the chance to see what they''re missing.

Outriders was launched for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation last April, bringing a slice of co-operative shooter action that Eurogamer reviewer Vikki Blake enjoyed, despite some warnings. "For some," she said, "I suspect Outriders does not innovate enough to stand out from an already oversaturated shooter market, relying too much on other, stronger titles."

"[But] as a die-hard Guardian and card-carrying fangirl of the genre, Vikki said, "Outriders tickles me in all the right places. I can only admit that Outriders has sounded me in all of the right ways. Perhaps it''ll surprise you too."

If you''re curious to know which side of the divide you stand on, you can download Outriders and play the entire game for free right now on Steam. There''s also 45% discount for the duration of the event, bringing the price down from 32.99 to 18.14.

The free-to-try offer from Outriders comes ahead of its first major expansion, Worldslayer, which will run on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC next Thursday, 30th June. It promises new features, new environments, new enemies, new guns, and new gear.

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