One of the greatest musou gamesyet is rated in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

One of the greatest musou gamesyet is rated in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

I''ve had a wonderful time returning to Fodlan once more. Three years ago, Nintendo''s introduced us back to the world of Fire Emblem: Three Houses once more. However, this isn''t another "Best of Fire Emblem" mashup. It''s not only a good-paced take on the Fodlan conflict, but a fresh twist on it, and this is definitely a great experience for Three Houses fans. It''s unlikely that you''ll get more involved

By signing a new mercenary called Shez, you get a surprise encounter from Edelgard''s Black Eagles, Dimitri''s Blue Lions, and Claude''s Golden Deer, and you get the entire story done as a result. I''m grateful that these didn''t take me long to complete by comparison, so I''m grateful that they didn''t get too comfortable in academy life. Even our student days are brief before jumping two years ahead.

Shez spends their time in a war camp on foot. There are no side tasks and fishing is tragically missing. I''d love to hear from allies about Three Houses'' social skills. Beyond camp discussions, you can invite friends to camp meals, carry out camp chores, and provide gifts to allies, however, it''s worth noting that you can''t select characters from different houses before the timeskip.

After you''ve completed your preparation, your next stop is the war map, which usually requires the conquering of two regions before you reach the main objective. However, each region provides a wide spectrum of loot once conquered, including new weapons, items, money, and new strategies, which gives a lot of freedom to explore.

This provides some interesting options that can be found in the midst of the big fight. Similar to Secret Plans in Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires, this provides some advantages that can be avoided. In this way, you can strengthen strongholds, sabotaging the enemy, or assigning allied units for protection, as well as creative opportunities like adjusted formations. However, the situation is a great way to become an expert.

Everyone who played a musou game before knows exactly what to expect here. Despite having countless hordes, you''re still getting a boost, thanks to a few buttons, which will reward damage for staggering damage. Like the Warrior Gauge, you can activate a special attack for tremendous damage. That''s quite the feat for a game already treating you like a super soldier.

The smallest-scale deployments aren''t always as varied, thus this requires you to be careful when it comes to key areas. This requires effort, as well as choosing from the menu, which, despite sounding like it might disrupt the action.

Thankfully, these variations don''t apply to standard attacks, as let''s face it, and that would be a nightmare enforced throughout combats. Depending on your class, each weapon or attack has specific weaknesses, clearly indicating who''s got the advantage on the map, so don''t worry that you were warned when you sent flying units towards an archer.

Three Houses is the way each unit can take exams to learn a new class. This time, there''s no chance of failing the tests, and thus once completed they''ll teach your chosen character class-specific moves, combat arts, and more. While Three Hopes suggests a standard class for each unit, you may place them in whatever class tree you want, gradually progressing towards more advanced classes.

Three Hopes does not imply that the formula is popular, so if you''re dead set against this type of combat, it might not change your mind. However, it feels like a renewed approach to this genre, which is fantastic, keep life entertaining outside of battles, and it''s a lot of fun - far from a quick cash-in on Three Houses'' success, which may have been a concern for some.

If you''re worried about performance problems, then be careful not. There''s no doubt Three Hopes is targeting 30 frames per second between handheld and tablet modes. However, there were a few framerate drops when the action gets especially heavy, even by musou standards, but these instances were quite minor. It''s a significant improvement on Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity and, evidently, Omega Force has listened to previous complaints.

Three Hopes is for a long time - I''ve already begun my Black Eagles New Game+ run - and when I previously said this isn''t just Dynasty Warriors with a Fire Emblem skin, I meant it. It is truly impressive, and it has me invested from the start. I''d love to see where Nintendo''s musou spinoff concept will go.

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