From the beginning, Battlefield 2042 will not remove its Russian troops

From the beginning, Battlefield 2042 will not remove its Russian troops

The Battlefield 2042, launched last November by EA, has generated quite a lot of controversy, with players unhappy with the omission of key features at the start, as well as several controversial design decisions that sparked fan outrage.

There have been changes since Battlefield 2042, including the later this month''s first season of introduceing a new map and capabilities that have improved with the game.

Despite these updates, Battlefield 2042 still has players fighting under a Russian flag as one of the two factions in the game - a decision that is uncomfortably linked to Ukraine''s invasion from Russian forces, as well as in light of EA''s decision to remove Russian clubs and the Russian national football team from FIFA 22, FIFA Mobile and FIFA Online.

"We were so concerned as everybody else on the 24th of February when we discovered what was happening in Eastern Europe," EA DICE''s general manager said. "We have a lot of teams coming from Eastern Europe, and we have had to deal with that, so that they feel comfortable, and we''re here and we listen and assist them to take care of themselves.

"That was our first concern. Then the second concern is that we are a military shooter game today, and one of the opposing factions is Russian. We have done an audit of the game and we strive to be as sensitive as possible to do so.

Coutaz said the implementation would be difficult to determine if the situation might change. "It''s very difficult to deal with," she said, "in this entertainment game."

EA issued an additional response, which included a formal statement about Russia''s continued presence in Battlefield 2042.

"While Battlefield 2042''s core and the content recently released for Season 1 remain representative of the game, we did audit and modify content (across both in-game and marketing) to be sensitive to the situation in Eastern Europe. The Russian and US factions as they are represented today in Battlefield 2042 will continue in our live service Seasons. We will continue to monitor it and adapt whenever necessary."

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