Naraka: Bladepoint isn't concerned about losing out on Xbox Game Pass sales

Naraka: Bladepoint isn't concerned about losing out on Xbox Game Pass sales

Naraka: Bladepoint, a third-person action battle royale from 24 Entertainment, has been gaining a buzz across the Steam marketplace since its launch one year ago. However, as you may have seen during the Xbox and Bethesdas not-E3, the game is breaking free of the PC platform and heading to Xbox consoles. And it''s now available on Game Pass, to boot.

I met with archer Wang, the marketing manager for Naraka: Bladepoint, and how the game will be balanced now that there''s a whole new audience to worry about.

Naraka: Bladepoint is coming to Xbox! Why bring it to Game Pass alongside a typical Xbox release?

Wang: First of all, because Game Pass also includes PC players, so one of the main objectives is to reach out to a larger audience. We certainly wanted to expand our community! With Game Pass, players can connect to a number of other players. From our side, were obviously pleased to introduce additional players into Naraka.

Naraka seems to be of interest to players in countries such as Cambodia, Singapore, Thailand, and China as a result of VG247. Is it an attempt to further enter Western markets?

Wang: Id say they wanted to increase the global size of our playerbase. We both have a strong community in North America and Europe. But yeah, one of our main objectives is to use Game Pass to increase our community size in those countries that we already have a strong base in. At the same time, we believe that since Game Pass is a very global membership program that can be used to everyone it can really help us expand our reach in all territories across the globe.

Recent discussions have started about Game Pass affecting developers'' profits, but one such example includes Haven from The Game Bakers. Are you concerned about potentially losing out here?

Wang: Not for all! There''s a reason that we wanted to bring the game to the Game Pass. Were approaching Naraka: Bladepoint''s one-year anniversary and we have done quite well so far. So we believe it will be a long-term success, and making choices that are impressive in our eyes.

We can get feedback from them, we can expand our community, and that''s exactly what we do right now.

Naraka: Bladepoint is a live service game with microtransactions, thus money you dont make off full purchases might trickle in with cosmetics and similar purchases, according to VG247.

Wang: Yeah, but, aside from that, we certainly want to make changes on a regular basis. Basically, the position we are in right now is one where a basic update goes live every two or three weeks, so there will be new heroes, new cosmetics, new weapons, etc. Were also developing a new map, so there''s plenty for both us and the community to look forward to.

Is there a clear date for the release of the new map? VG247: Is there any idea about it?

Wang: It''s a bit early to say, since it''s still under construction, but that''s going to be something fresh very soon.

VG247: Weve seen games with both a PC and a console versions having quite different metas across platforms. Will the team balance both versions separately to keep an eye on this?

Wang: Id say that the major difference between PC and console platforms will be play styles. For the game itself, it was going to balance every simultaneously between PC and console, thus there will be no difference in the content itself.

The controller support is one of the most important issues on our side. We did a lot of work to ensure that players on console may experience the game as much as they were on PC!

Will future character and weapon design be affected in any way in VG247? Is it possible to make abilities or weapons more easily accessible as a result of this trend?

Wang: We conducted a lot of research every day, looking at a number of other online games. We wanted to ensure that no one else on the PC or console was denied advantage. Another objective was to ensure that everyone can enjoy Naraka by careful attention to balance.

Several weeks ago, we added a one-button counter to console players'' PC versions. This is because we wanted to reduce learning curves and barriers to new players. We also did a lot of testing around that because we wanted to see a larger picture and avoid alienating our high-end players.

Those high-end players demonstrated us that a one-button counter didn''t affect them, since they were already able to pull off counters quickly and easily. The one-button counter was only useful for newer players, and did not take away the experience.

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