After a "major" ban wave, Lost Ark loses over 300,000 players, according to communitycelebrates

After a "major" ban wave, Lost Ark loses over 300,000 players, according to communitycelebrates

According to Steamcharts and SteamDB, Lost Ark has lost roughly 300,000 players in the past week. This massive action MMORPG, which was initially reached unprecedented levels of success earlier this year, appears to have wiped out a large number of players after a recent ban wave that resulted in a dramatic drop.

For those who don''t know, the Amazon Game Studios team has been dealing with an ongoing botting problem for some time now. Through multiple official blog posts, the topic of botting has been a near-constant presence, and the constant cat and mouse chase between developers and cheaters has continued.

It''s been a major issue too! Lost Ark, which had already existed in Korea and Russia for several years before the western release, was practically implemented with a pre-existing botting ecosystem, which had been sharpening their fangs on the earlier versions of the title. This botting problem has also resulted in some minor issues, as a healthy real-money trading environment has had the potential to flourish owing to the extensive number of bots running around, farming content, and generating in-game wealth.

Bots farming resources and money 24/7 uncontested inject an inflated amount of currency into the game which, you know it, means Ted the construction worker will discover useful materials going further and farther beyond his budget. This is not necessarily a problem for those who do not have time to buy gold, but a dangerous situation for casual players and those who are morally opposed to real money trading.

This is not to say that Amazon Game Studios have been taking this lying down. According to previous reports, anti-cheat software updates have gradually reduced the number of bots in waves. However, the player population has historically recovered as a result of these ban waves as users have figured their way around the anti-cheat and refined whatever sketchy software they had on hand.

This ongoing botting issue has left some observers wondering about the real population of Lost Ark, and while it is apparently impossible to know for sure exact figures, changes in overall player count are expected to result in a massive increase in the number of people who were unable to enter the game since March. These events have often been identified as important indicators of how many users were present behind the scenes. Websites like the aforementioned Steamcharts and SteamDB, while they are also helpful, and therefore may be off the mark a little.

It appears both botters and real money traders have been hit hard on June 16. A day before, it was announced via Twitter and an official post on the Lost Ark forums that a "massive" ban wave will be coming alongside the scheduled update. They weren''t kidding! This otherwise usual patch was initially reducing to 550,000 immediately after, but began to decrease to 200,000 over the weekend.

As we continue our quest against bots in Lost Ark, we want to inform players that the program will launch a wider, massive wave of new bot bans over the course of next week.

Both reactions from the two factions were evident. On popular cheating forums and botting hubs, threads with users performing pseudo damage checks are easy to find, with posters telling the duration of their banneds, and what services or in-game actions may have been emitted on Amazon''s radar.

On the flip side of the coin, you have users on Reddit, Discord, and other popular hangouts for legitimate Lost Ark play vacated about the purge, in what is probably the most successful celebration of player falloff youllll ever see anytime soon. This came in the form of genuine disbelief about the impact, dunking on those caught at the close of the bans, and memes.

Is it too early to get excited if we all drop our party poppers for a moment, as tempting as it is to break out the bubbly? Maybe. It is widely accepted that generally speaking first time offenders only receive a three-day ban, likely a measure to both warn those who are doing well and not absolutely body regular players caught in the crossfire, which means a portion of accounts removed in the last few days may very well be back in use. However, those who make a living developing and selling bo

While players who criticize massive amounts of money get their main accounts permanently banned for acquiring suspicious amounts of in-game currency via real money trading, there are concerns that bad actors will move on to greener, less hazardous pastures. It''s possible that the majority of the users will be drawn closer to that famous real population over the time.

All in all the good news for those who play Lost Ark. Today, Lost Ark is still in the top five most successful games on Steam, but players who are chanting "dead game" will not be surprised. It''s a messy but temporary process that takes care of all the frustration out. It''ll also result in a healthier game, a happier player base, and a better Lost Ark.

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