Aaryn Flynn of Nightingale on giant monsters, and as a result of providing "more agency" in survivalgames

Aaryn Flynn of Nightingale on giant monsters, and as a result of providing "more agency" in survival

It''s been a comeback since the Summer Game Fest reopened the curtain on a variety of upcoming game releases to keep everyone''s hype engines coming back. Out of the reveals, Nightingale certainly remained silent despite its promise of bringing the survival genre to a more stunning setting. However, an interesting visual can only get you so far what exactly will set Nightingale apart from other titans in the scene right now?

We talked with Aaryn Flynn, the CEO of Inflexion Games and the former CEO of Bioware, to discuss what makes Nightingale unique. We discuss the range of PvE encounters in the game, as well as how the studio intends to draw players away from their competitors.

Youre returning to a more spectacular position than many of your peers thanks to VG247. What unique selling point does that provide out from a clean aesthetic?

Flynn: I believe the realm card system is the greatest step forward; this concept that the player has authority over their places. Survival crafting games are really fun in that they procedurally create a large beautiful space for you, and then they seed that with adventures, resources, and interactions for you in the game. But what we must do is to have players explore a space, and then play with the realm card system, and control and influence their respective spaces.

Instead of saying, I''ll go to a different kind of forest or a cave, so we give you a lot of opportunities to control the biome, the resources, and the creatures you''re going to encounter, and everything else. I think that''s going to be a fantastic way for players to have more influence in the survival crafting genre.

So they feel like they have that control over the experience, according to VG247?

Flynn: Certainly more control. And then, we want to enrich those realm cards with more realms, more biomes, and more interactions.

VG247: So you''ve demonstrated that one thing players will need to deal with is assaults upon their bases and homes they work on within these realms. Is it the central to the overall gameplay loop in Nightingale, or is it a sometimes rare rareity that players will have to look out for?

Flynn: It''s not the thesis. So when you build your base, we don''t want the player thinking job number one is, right? So, when you enter your realm, even if no other players you''ve invited in are there, everything''s gone. So, the time isn''t ticking for you in your login.

It''s not our intention to make base defence the fundamental focus. Now, as you go into harder realms, it''s more likely you''re going to be attacked, but that''s a decision you make. That''s something you may contemplate because you want to be in a realm that offers better resources and rewards. But you can build your base wherever you want.

So if you want, you may go out and establish a shop in more dangerous areas for a hub with much more valuable resources?

Flynn: Yeah, and you might love it! Bring it on! Or you may be like, No, I''m not the stress, thanks for this.

So then people may make progress in the game without requiring a lot of effort to establish a base in those more dangerous realms? VG247: So then people may kind of make progress in the game, without requiring any effort to establish a base in these more dangerous realms?

Flynn: Yes, absolutely.

The more gigantic monsters that have been left on the front and center since the game has been announced. Can you explain how the kind of inclusion of the gigantic beasts differs from the typical PvE combat and what rewards and rewards you will get there.

Flynn: Yeah, all of the larger creatures you see, they have unique abilities. It''s also our hope that we provide for all of those interactions a non-combat alternative, so you don''t have to get into the game. I think we''ll be really happy when every one of those creatures has a different set of possibilities for you to try.

Different approaches may result in different outcomes, thus increasing the choice for players, but at the same time, we must make sure that when it comes to those big creatures, players get that capacity to choose. Do I really want to fight this thing? Or maybe I can negotiate with it instead, so I won''t have to kill it.

As you said, some of these giant creatures will be quest gates, they''ll be crucial steps to complete a quest, and they''ll have their own unique rewards when you interact with them. That''s going to become part of the puzzle to keep going.

When you see creatures we call The Bound, you will not have to take it seriously. You may have a quest that says, you need this thing from that creature. So, you might go discover where its lair is and find something similar rather than simply slaughtering it.

Was it a simple thing you wanted to do from the start? So many games are about combat and murder.

Flynn: Yes. From the very beginning, we promised ourselves that we''ll have non-combat options and non-combat paths through the various progression gates and stuff. We just wanted to respect that notion.

Could you go through the whole game without killing anything? VG247: Could you do it in the end?

Flynn: Yes, you can obviously avoid some of these creatures, and you may run around them. But then again, I don''t think we have anything that''s combative. I think there''s a programmatic gate that says you can''t progress without killing something. I mean, I think realm cards are capable of killing things at least the ones I know of. It may also be very difficult.

So, what would you describe the typical progression path the player might encounter? Is it just a case of gradually expanding and improving your home and equipment? Like other things on survival? Or is there a more linear path?

Flynn: Yes, I believe it''s quite gradual. With certain objectives, certain quests or interactions will give you new building possibilities and new upgrades. There''s going to be some quest lines that will offer more stepwise capabilities, but I think it''s basically quite gradual.

Talk me on the base construction concept. It appears that it''s more important than a place to snag your loot. How does nightingale differ from other games?

Flynn: Our estate, like a lot of other games, is designed to be well-designed to your needs. It''s where you keep a lot of your money and resources. So, if you want it to look a certain way, we''re giving you the tools you can use to be creative. One thing that we''re particularly supportive of is the development of players in towns. So that possibility for players to consolidate and then and then split up tasks is something we value.

VG247: There are a lot of big hitters in this arena, and there are a lot of players who are already likeminded and eager to play again this time. What do you think you''ve got that will draw in people who have never played this type of game?

Flynn: I hope that the world building brings them together, to give them a diverse new universe, of characters and stories, and creatures, as well as interactions and histories. Finally, I think that the moment-to-moment survival crafting game is quite a joy.

We''re not aiming to be the most realistic survival crafting game out there. So we''re just meant to have the environment offer you interesting challenges, we have some character management, and we have included a few RPG elements into that to give you some choice and customization. I hope that it''s fundamentally the world building that draws people in.

Nightingale is expected to be available on PC via Steam in Q4 2022. There are plenty of options to choose from if it sounds like something you''d enjoy.

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