This Cyberpunk 2077 mod lets you fly hovercars and hybrid bikes

This Cyberpunk 2077 mod lets you fly hovercars and hybrid bikes

Night City is a loud and colourful space filled with interesting ideas and decorations. Today, I''ve even explored more with a mod that allows people to ride, and it''s very cool. I have only crashed a hundred times.

NPC hovercars are cruising about, but V is stuck on the ground with wheeled transport. With Jack Humbert''s Let There Be Flight mod, every car and motorbike (as far as I''ve found, at least) has the ability to hover. With the press of a button, the wheels are replaced by directional jets, allowing V to take to the skies and zoom around. I''ve enjoyed zooming around Night City, but catching a few scrapes and dents along the

I never drove anywhere when playing Cyberpunk 2077 the first time, rather than dangling into the atmosphere, dashing down alleys, and parkouring over rooftops (like Siobhan Casey). I grew up with Judge Dredd''s Mega-City One, and discovering Night City is the closest I''ve ever encountered yet. So the rideable trains mod I tried last year was a great way to see more, and this is even better.

Download the mod from GitHub. I''d recommend the ''packed'' version, which includes all of the other components this mod requires to run. Simply unzip it to your Cyberpunk folder and away you go, into the skies.

The first test version of the mod was introduced in December, and it now comes to my attention in beta via YouTuber "LastKnownMeal."

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