Which Pokemon to watch for at the 2022 Pokemon GO North America InternationalChampionships

Which Pokemon to watch for at the 2022 Pokemon GO North America InternationalChampionships

The 2022 Pokemon North America International Championships have been announced by the Pokemon Company International. Read on for more information:

Prepare yourself when the action starts with this guide to the Pokemon that is expected to have a significant impact.

ByGabby Snyder, the writer''s contribution

Trainers have been competing on the onlineGO Battle Leagueladder since March 2020, and Pokemon GO has officially joined the Play! Pokemon Championship Series this spring. There are a few differences: unlike the online ladder, a team of six Pokemon must be eligible for the Great League, with the winners, losses, and Grand Finals matches being the best three-out-five matches.

This year marks the first year in which Pokemon GO will be included in theNorth America International Championships (NAIC). What will Trainers bring to the World Championships this August? Lets look at Pokemon''s progress so far, and what you can expect to see in Columbus.

Remember that you may catch the NAIC on June 2425 and 2022, onTwitch.tv/PokemonGO.


Medicham is a medical practice in the United States.


Alolan Ninetales



Pokemon of the Solid Ground

Pokemon of the Bulky Water Type

What Does Shadow Pokemon Mean?

Parting Shot


Walrein is a plant based in Japan.

Alolan Ninetales



Pokemon of the Solid Ground-type

Pokemon of a Bulky Water Type

What Does Shadow Pokemon Mean?

Parting Shot


Counter is one of the best Fast Attacks in the game owing to its impressive DamagePerSecond (DPS) and EnergyPerSecond (EPS) rates. Although Medichams'' stats are relatively low compared to those of the other two on this list, it can be leveled up to Lv. 50 and still under 1,500 CP, which increases its overall performance. Higher-level Pokemon have bigger stats and therefore face extra damage, giving Medicham a small advantage as one of

Because of the rise in Registeels throughout the GO Championship Series, Power-Up Punch allows Medicham to gradually boost its own Attack, then hit hard with its other Charged Attacktypically Ice Punch or Psychic. However, some trainers in the GO Championship Series have remained in touch with Psychic for a better result. However, unless Medicham has a shield advantage when it comes to the field, it shines brightly as a lead by employing Fighting-type attacks to exert early pressure

Walrein is a plant based in India.

Ever since Spheals'' January Community Day, Walreins has established itself as one of the most important Pokemon in the GO Championship Series. Its Fast Attack Powder Snow, which pairs well with Icicle Spear, a 35-energy attack with a same-type attack bonus that forces opponents to think hard when to use their Protect Shields. Overall, you have a top contender that is able to tank a few attacks and fire off knockouts in return.

Alolan Ninetales

Alolan Ninetales is unusual in the GO Championship Series as one of the few Pokemon equipped with the Fast Attack Charm, which can significantly damage opponents who aren''t prepared for it. A common synergistic strategy among Trainers is to force their opponent to swap Pokemon, then to send in Alolan Ninetales knowing that the opponent cant switch again until the cooldown timer has passed. Alolan Ninetales is now a Pokemon known in several tournaments.

The Fire-typeNinetales, according to Cindy (Trainer namehsineerg), was a unique skill, given that a majority of players in the tournament chose not to run Fire-type Pokemon altogether, but the Fast Attack Ember proved to be just as powerful as Charm, and the combination of Overheat and a Fire-type Weather Ball allowed Cindy to destroy common counters like Galarian Stunfisk and Registeel. It was also essential in many of her victories for the Vancouver Regionals


There are always strong Grass-type Pokemon to be found when bulky Water-type Pokemon are prevalent in the Great League. This is because it means that it can leverage both types of attacks effectively, and that means that it benefits from a same-type attack bonus for both types of attacks. Trevenant is by far the most common Grass-type Pokemon in the GO Championship Series thus far.


With its fast attacking stats, Registeel can aggressively charge energy, while also offering a fantastic Charged Attacks. Zap Cannon is a popular choice because it is guaranteed to drop the opponents Attack by one stage, and a Focus Blast allows Registeel to stand up to other Steel-type Pokemon without issue. Many Trainers who are not keen to get caught off guard will run multiple counters on their team for it.

Pokemon of the Solid Ground Art

One of the most common Pokemon on GO Championship League teams is a way to defeat Steel types with supereffective Ground-type attacks. There are several Pokemon that Trainers can use to accomplish this goal:

One of the most popular Pokemon in competitive play isNidoqueen, which is one of the only Poison-type Pokemon found in competition. Nidoqueen''s Charged Attack Poison Fang, which is guaranteed to drop the opponent Defense by a single stage, is susceptible to pressure the opponent into switching Pokemon, causing attack damage to occur quickly. Once the opponent switches out, Nidoqueen may also be switched for a more positive matchup to deliver the knockout.

Swampert is a top Ground-type pick that has access to Earthquake and Mud Shot. The Community Day Attack Hydro Cannon, which charges faster than Rock Slide, has significantly greater attacking power, forcing its opponent to think very carefully about whether or not to use a Protect Shield. However, given the limited number of Grass types in the Championship Series, most Trainers will oppose this move.

Galarian Stunfisk is an ideal matchup for trainers who need a Pokemon that allows opponents to use their Protect Shields early. Unlike other Water-type Pokemon in the format, it can then push opponents to Earthquake for significant damage. The downside to Galarian Stunfisk is that it loses against the strongest Water-type Pokemon in the series, and its trainers will also have a strong Water-type counter like Venusaur, Trevenant, or Lurantis.

Pokemon of a Bulky Water-type

Water-type Pokemon are another common advantage in winning GO Championship Series teams, with many teams choosing to run two.

As the only water-type attack, Azumarill has historically been one of the most powerful Pokemon in the GO Battle League, sustaining a stronger Attack stat while still maintaining a 1,500 CP. Much like Medicham, it can single-handedly defeat every common Dark-type Pokemon in the format with Play Rough as its Charged Attack. However, many Trainers will opt for Ice Beam instead for a faster charge to help use up shields.

Politoed appeared on the Trainer610heros team at the Vancouver Regional Championships because of its pure Water typing, which allows it to use Earthquake and Mud Shot, with only 35 energy, thus giving it the ability to charge up quickly and exert pressure on the opponents shields. Consider swapping out your Ground-type Pokemon for Politoed as an innovative way to build your ground!

Araquanid is the new kid on the block for the Water-type Pokemon in the GO Championship Series, which has already gained popularity in two Regionals teams. Bug Buzz can deal a ton of damage and has a 30% chance of dropping Defense by a single stage, while Bubble Beam is able to stay focused on the North America International Championships.

What is Shadow Pokemon''s answer?

In the summer of 2019, Shadow Pokemon were brought to Pokemon GO alongside the nefarious Team GO Rocket, which can be captured after defeating a member of Team GO Rocket and have a spooky aura due to Team GO Rockets attempt to strengthen them via unnatural means. However, this added strength can be a significant advantage for the GO Championship League.

Shadow Pokemon are more powerful than their non-Shadow counterparts, on the spur of reduced defenses. However, Pokemon like Nidoqueen, Swampert, Walrein, and even Alolan Ninetales can make use of this additional damage bonus to win matches they would not secure otherwise. Shadow Pokemon is still able to defeat many opponents on its own, thus its Fast Attacks are much more frightening to deal with. We can gratify Giovanni for the assistance!

If a Shadow Pokemon is purified, it loses access to its Shadow Bonus, but learns Return as a Charged Attack. This makes Sableye the most commonly used Pokemon to take advantage of this matchup, although other Charged Attacks do less damage than other Pokemon. This is the most important Pokemon to keep an eye on as the previous Regional events improve. Given the lack of Fairy-type attacks at the previous few events, as well as Sableyes'' fantastic Ghost and Dark typing, this is definitely a Pokemon to

Shot of Parting

If youre planning on competing in the North America International Championships, it''s important to have a game strategy based on traditional metagame principles so that youre not caught by surprise the day of the event. However, that doesn''t mean you can add a little bit of spice to your own teams!

With a wide range of matchups against Medicham, Trevenant, and Water-type Pokemon like Araquanid, Tropius is certainly a Pokemon to watch out for next year.

Keep an eye on this years North America International Championships for the Pokemon GO Championship Series here onPokemon.com. Until then, you have a great year, and all of your battles, trainers!

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The 2022 Pokemon North America International Championships in Columbus, Ohio, will feature players for incredible prizes and highChampionship Pointpayouts.

Even if you can''t make it to Ohio, you can still watch all of the action live at home. Matches from the Pokemon Trading Card Game andandwill be streaming all weekend long, starting Friday at 6 a.m. (Pacific Daylight Time) There are also Pokemon GO andcompetitions available during the first two days.

After the tournament is complete, tune in to every game on Twitch.tv! Don''t forget to check out the winning teams and decks atPokemon.com/EventResults.

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