Channel 4 Returns: Don't Hug Me I'm Scared: Eerie Teaser Previews

Channel 4 Returns: Don't Hug Me I'm Scared: Eerie Teaser Previews

The iconic and slightly terrifying YouTube channel, which has had a slew of speculation about future return, has had plenty of buzz, but a recent teaser confirms certain expectations from fans and viewers of Channel 4.

The video, which premiered on the official YouTube channel on June 19th, features a brief blurb below indicating an expected return date for the autumn return, according to the IMDB for the pilot episode, "Roommates Red Guy, Yellow Guy, and Duck," until the town''s mayor disappears and everything enters into total chaos." There are also writers and directors for the pilot, including Joseph Pelling and Becky Sloan.

Theseries stars some amazingly talented and recognizable voices for the fans. Joss Carter will be in the suit for Red Guy, while Pelling will be providing the voice. Sloan will be Mrs. Grenald and Mudpile. Pelling will be in charge of production in the United Kingdom. Blink Industries in the United Kingdom are in charge of the series.

On thewebsite, "Don''t Hug Me I''m Scared" is a sensation. After five years and six episodes, the series has evolved from a viral hit to a real cult phenomenon. ''Don''t Hug Me I''m Scared'' has established a consistently fantastic, defiantly weird, and exceptionally well-made series like this one." There are plenty of little details in the teaser "FLY," which allows viewers to get a gripping perspective. The

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