Review of The Web of Make Believe: Death, Lies, and the Internet

Review of The Web of Make Believe: Death, Lies, and the Internet

Review of the Web of Make Believe: Death, Lies, and the Internet

The series Web of Make Believe, financed by Brian Knappenberger, follows the real-life stories of people who became the victims of the internet''s dark side.

The theme of the series is a clear testament to the importance of using social media safely. One never knows how and when can things go out of hand on the internet. Aaron Kuban, Samara Couri, and Daniel Rigmaiden are among the lead actors in the series. The series consists of six episodes with each telling a different story of virtual horrors and crimes.

The Opening Scene

The first episode of Death by SWAT begins with an interview asking a question to Tyler Barris, although we only see the sound bars moving and the scene is cut. The first episode is inspired by Barriss''s extensive deadly pranks.

Barris started calling the emergency assistanceline with fake alarms and gave the address of those who he wanted to come back. He was a gamer. He started doing these pranks as "swats."

He described claiming falsely a bomb in several sites. He appears to enjoy the chaos of people evacuating buildings as he was once jailed for a year. But he did not learn after spending his time in prison and made swatting people a business.

When a Call of Duty gamer swat him, he gave him an old address in Kansas, and the police were going to the area to raid. Andrew Finch, who knew nothing of the false accusations, ended up being shot by the cops. An innocent life was lost in the name of an internet prank.

Highlighting Internet Crimes

The episodes give you insight into different aspects of the internet''s dark side. Make Believe''s web provides a background on all of the crimes that are happening in real-time by using the internet as a medium.

At some points, viewing will find it interesting because there is a documentary and the stories involve normal people like us. It reminds the public that keeping an eye on ones safety and privacy while using the internet is important.

Make Believe''s web is a real crime story that should only be watched if one is prepared for the chaos and rage it leaves in the minds of viewers. The series brilliantly captures the horror and violence of the virtual world and portrays it in six different episodes.

The web series is divided into three categories: substance abuse, sexual harassment, intense violence, and murder. Rather than describing it through words and experiences, it is rated TV-MA. The actors had a difficult task of portraying criminals and cynics in their hands, but they did it right. The download of the Web of Make Believe: Death, Lies, and the Internet is now available on Netflix.

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