Release Date, Cast, and Everything We Know About Netflix Keep Breathing

Release Date, Cast, and Everything We Know About Netflix Keep Breathing

Keep Breathing comes after a string of successes, including Scream, In the Heights, and Vida, by Melissa Barrera. It is a survival thriller that follows a foeman who becomes a single survivor of a plane crash. Not a lot of information is out about the film.

On this series, Martin Gero and Brendan Gall will conduct the show. If Yellowjackets and The Wilds are anything to take inspiration from, plane crash survival stories are the topic of the town right now. Here''s all you need to know about Keep Breathing.

Cast for Keep Breathing

Melissa Barrera plays Liv, the main character, Jeff Wilbusch, Austin Stowell, Florencia Lozano, and Juan Pablo Espinosa. The series will be in the hands of directors Rebecca Rodriguez and Maggy Kelly, who played Dr. Death and Dirty John, will direct the first three episodes, while Rodriguez, who directed Queen of the South and Doom Patrol, will also handle the second half of the season.

What will the story be about?

There has been no official synopsis yet. This means we aren''t sure what the story is. Netflix has however shared a logline.

Liv (Melissa Barrera), a Lone survivor and New York lawyer, must fight both an unforgiving wilderness as well as past personal traumas to remain alive.

For the time being, here''s all we know about the plot. This isn''t much, but this is for some reason still embroiled me in the programme a lot.

Trailers for the movie

Since the series isn''t until the end of July, Netflix has not released any trailers, which is a standard procedure. A trailer will likely drop sometime in the mid-juillet or a few weeks before its release.

What we do have on the movie

Netflix has released a few first-look photographs ahead of the release, allowing us to see what you should expect from the camera work of the show.

Some of the footage and emotion of the show can be captured, but we get a good insight into Melissas character, Liv. Shes seen viewing her surroundings and assessing her situation. We also see Austin Stowell, who plays a fellow passenger named Sam.

Liv is near his body. It''s possible that he survives the crash and then died while Liv tries to tend to him. One of the photographs also shows Liv using a compass, or a mirror in the forests where sunlight shines down.

Other shots are mostly from Liv in the beautiful Canadian British Columbia area. The setting is absolutely stunning and gives you a perfect remote Canadian frontier look.

From these photos, I''m really excited about the series as there appears to be a stunning landscape and some stunning camera work. This story is bound to be excellent given the lineup of directors, writers, and cast. Tune in to Netflix on the 28th of July to experience this show for the first time.

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