The Android App for Phone Screens has officially come to an end

The Android App for Phone Screens has officially come to an end

Android Auto was first introduced back in 2015 and it was a way to use maps, navigation, and music playback on Android smartphones without any distractions. Users got access to larger UI elements that would provide a better viewing experience. However, the company is now shutting down the Android app that they used for phone screens.

Google has forced Android smartphone users to dry as the phone screen app for the iPhone has been shut down.

The Android Auto for phone screens is being shut down, so you will not be able to use it anymore. The original Android App is now limited to in-car infotainment systems. This should not come as a surprise as it has been a few years since Google stopped offering a car-optimized UI in the app. Several days ago, the app began displaying a message that it would not be working soon. The change has gone official and the app has been suspended entirely on the phones running previous Android

However, Google is unlikely to leave you out of options. People are encouraged to use Google Assistant''s Driving Mode on their smartphones. The mode offers a similar interface with large components. It isn''t a complete replacement.

This way, unlike Android Auto, Google Assistant Driving Mode is not as straightforward to launch because there is no dedicated icon in the app drawer. Another downside here is that the app will not be used in landscape mode, which is going to be a challenge for most individuals. It does support most music services, but the UI does not offer the whole experience.

Samsung is the one company that used to deliver a car-optimized interface, but even when Android Auto was launched.

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