The Weird West 1.03 update is now live; it also includes new content, gameplay tacos, and more

The Weird West 1.03 update is now live; it also includes new content, gameplay tacos, and more

A fresh Weird West update is now available on all platforms, bringing fresh content and plenty of gameplay tweaks to allow for a better experience.

The Miners and the Restless update adds new Mine locations to the game, as well as additional gameplay tweaks, such as extra aiming system options, additional stats, and loot variations for weapons.

This latest update adds a number of brand-new Mine locations to the game to keep exploration and bounty hunting fresh. Some additional aiming system options are now available, but all weapons have also been upgraded with additional stats and loot variations.

The new Weird West update is reorganizing the game''s progression, which allows players to carry Acquired Weapon Abilities between Journey Heroes and others. Companions AI has also been improved, and the game now runs at 60 FPS on Xbox Series S.

The game progression system has been fully improved, with acquired Weapon Abilities now carrying between Journey Heroes - and the game economy was given a complete balancing pass to follow all of this, from their brand new outpost location, where Nimp Relics can now be purchased! Finally, console gamers should be happy to know the patch trailer video and more in-depth details below.

Weird West is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Check out my review to see if the game works.

With its engaging story, wacky characters, powerful action role-playing game mechanics, and masterfully crafted immersive simulation capabilities, Weird West is one of the most limited role-playing games on the market, where players truly shape the world with their choices and actions. However, some balance and technical issues may wreak havoc on the experience, and you''ll not discover anything more than Weird West.

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