In the most recent interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook a slew of drops about company's AR headset progress

In the most recent interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook a slew of drops about company's AR headset progress

Apple''s first AR headset is no secret, and as reports continue to arrive more frequently, a product may arrive soon. In an interview, Tim Cook provided further evidence that a device of this nature is being developed.

Tim Cooks'' greatest point in the interview was allowing the audience to remain tuned and to learn what Apple has in store for them.

Ma Si from China Daily asked Cook his thoughts on the enthusiasm and availability of virtual and virtual reality products in China. She indicated that customers are dissatisfied with what is currently available, likely seeking an apple executive''s explanation. Cook was also asked about the factors that made the product materializing from this category.

Cook believes that we are still in the early stages of how this technology will develop, but that does not mean that Apple will continue to launch its first AR headset launch. It also claims that 14,000 ARKit apps are available on the App Store as an example of the augmented reality scenario. This suggests that when the mixed reality headset launches, it can proliferate the use of AR applications, thereby opening a slew of doors.

@tim_cook was asked about AR and VR headsets in this @ChinaDailyUSA his response... Reality is coming@mingchikuo @Scobleizer @CharlieFink @CapStark7

Csar (@cesarberardini) July 22, 2022

It is expected to launch its AR headset until the first quarter of 2023, but even then, shipments will likely be limited. The technology giant may prefer it to higher price than consumers anticipate.

The internet is almost everything right now, with one report claiming that the head-mounted laptop would cost $3,000, while another claims that the device would cost $1,000. Apple and LG are also planning to develop a second-generation model, with the processor''s micro-OLED screen reportedly having a 4000PPIdensity.

As work began seven years ago, it''s an understatement to say that the development of the AR headset would see a few obstacles, thus the benefits of Apples labor may not be far off.

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