Ys X will feature a younger audience, focus on one-versus-one combat and more

Ys X will feature a younger audience, focus on one-versus-one combat and more

The next item in Falcom''s long-running action role-playing game series will feature a younger Adol, who will focus on one-versus-one combat.

The latest issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu, published by ryokutya2089 and translated by @Hansuke21, explains how it will be established in the past, and how a woman, possibly the heroine, behaves with a one-handed knife. Both Adol''s and the woman''s arms are connected by a string.

The first Ys X gameplay details have been revealed by the Japanese magazine. Apparently, the game will not feature the party system seen from YS Seven onwards, focusing instead on one-versus-one combat. Although the new combat system will not be significantly influenced by the Souls series, it will also include movement and positioning.

While the mechanic for the party members is replaced, weapons attributes have significantly changed.

The challenge is to make it in a 1v1 fight, although it is not like Souls-like, it is still intense and you must still watch the opponents movements but be patient in a Ys version.

() @ S. Korea(Internship/Info Exchange) (@Hansuke21) June 22, 2022

The new issue of Famitsu includes a conversation with Falcom''s president Toshihiro Kondo, who stated that Ys X is in the works for many platforms. Which ones he did not mention, but it is safe to assume that the game will be released on PC and PlayStation consoles, as a result of the most recent entries.

Kondo: I can''t say which platforms it will be on, but we wanted a wide spectrum of users to enjoy the game, and the reduction of Adols age might be a component of the goal.

We are collaborating on a variety of platforms for its relaunch.

() @ South Korea(Internship/Info Exchange) (@Hansuke21) June 22, 2022

Ys X is in development for yet-to-be-announced platforms, and a release date has yet to be revealed. We will keep you up to date as soon as more players come in, so stay tuned for all the latest news.

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