Dev reports that the Callisto Protocol Combat is half Melee and Half Ranged

Dev reports that the Callisto Protocol Combat is half Melee and Half Ranged

According to Striking Distance Studios design director Ben Walker, the Callisto Protocol will include a thin combat between melee and ranged.

We''re in equal parts a melee and ranged game. What we want out of that is that you engage people close up, then as you gain distance you use your guns and weapons on them. We also have a guards restraint device that allows you to grab them, push them away, and have them targeted for all kinds of activities. Once you have discovered it, you get to have a little more a day.

Walker said that while blocking and dodging are tied to the left controller stick in the melee combat pattern as inspired by fighting games.

We''re truly going deeper into the survival side of things. We''re not going to do anything you can to get by and get through our combat. To this end, we''ve added melee combos. Basically, they just push the enemy away, giving you a chance to run really quick and get a nice clean shot on an enemy.

If you get inside the zone, then you have to make a rhythm, and you''ll have the ability to dodge left and right and block once your combos are done. This way, you have to get back to them. If you try to go too early they''ll break up and they''ll strike you again, but there''s a lot of room in there. It''s a little bit of an escape, so

The Callisto Protocol is now available on PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PlayStation Series S|X. According to the developers, the game will be much bigger than the original Dead Space.

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