In the most recent trailer, DNF Duel displays the Lost Warrior

In the most recent trailer, DNF Duel displays the Lost Warrior

DNF Duel is six days away, and the games were quite active with revealing details at the launch. Character trailers, offline modes, and other features (such as the games story mode or a Lore tab) have all been the main themes of the games as of late, and at the start, the roster looks to be pretty varied and unique, along with giving players things to do offline.

The first note, being characters, is exactly what we''re talking about today. Nexon, Arc System Works, Neople, and Eighting Co. have included a trailer, which you may also see here.

Telecommunications and decent screen control are the initial perceptions from seeing that trailer. Lost Warriors also had a few additional tools at his disposal, such as a counter-esque attack that knocks the opponent far away, a command grab, and a special that completely swaps places with the opponent, and then attacks.

Other attacks include one where swords are summoned from portals to attack (like Gargos Portal Punch in Killer Instinct), an air teleport, and an air-to-ground command grab, which launches away again. Every trailer for Lost Warriors super was also shown, as it seemed to be to monitor the midrange with normals and respond to offensive decisions.

When DNF Duel launches next week, the Lost Warrior will be joined by Grappler, Berserker, Striker, Vanguard, Ghostblade, and others, and players will be able to play as all of them and more, both online and offline. Team Awakened Orochi was recently announced to join KOF XV in August. KOF 98 was also announced to be available on Steam.

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