The Total War Warhammer III Immortal Empires Map is in the works. Six Years in the Making

The Total War Warhammer III Immortal Empires Map is in the works. Six Years in the Making

Six years ago, the Creative Assembly was aware that this was a long-term project for the company, as well as several additions. With Total War: Warhammer II (review here) and the subsequent Mortal Empires addition, it was clear that the result would be the most extensive Total War map ever made. This year, Total War: Warhammer III (review here) was finally released, and we''re now looking at Immortal Empires.

The most extensive map ever found in Total War, including the multi-content Empire: Immortal Empires will feature 278 starting factions, across a massive 554 regions, with 86 legendary leaders leading these factions. Be aware that the number of factions and regions is subject to beta testing.


The sea lanes are so large that even if it''s one single map, you may still need one. As you''ll likely notice on the map above, there is one thing to consider: Empire: Total War earlier. These can be seen in the second image. This is what Creative Assembly have stated about the sea lanes, according to the following statements:

Interacting with them will allow them to travel from the East of the map to the West and vice versa (with the exception of the Underworld Sea, which connects the Sea of Malice to the Boiling Sea), allowing for more exotic confrontations to be created, new alliances to be formed, and unique roleplaying opportunities when once-distant factions meet for the first time. Any Lord or Hero will be able to enter the Sea Lane markers, which allows them to set sail and reach their destination after being

The final outcome of Total War: Warhammer III is not until the end of Total War. More information is already being released on the official website and blog post by Creative Assembly. I know that I''m optimistic about this, and I''ll end up playing a lot of Immortal Empires when it''s available.

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