In a new video, the World's largest Xbox Series X is a sight to see

In a new video, the World's largest Xbox Series X is a sight to see

The Xbox Series X is far from being the most compact gaming console on the market, although it appears like the console''s size was still too small for someone''s taste.

In a new video, engineer Michael Pick researched the world''s largest Series X console and explained how it was constructed. The console is 600% larger than the original, weighs about 2 meters tall and 1 meter wide, as well as an Arduino unit that makes the huge buttons turn on.

I met with ZHC to develop and customize the World''s Largest Xbox Series X! He was surprised to see it, and I loved it.

The Xbox is now a Guinness World Record! The YMCA YOUTH AND TEEN DEVELOPMENT CENTER is located in Atlanta, GA.

The construction of the world''s largest Xbox Series X console is a replica of another fantastic experiment that aimed and succeeded in launching the very first PlayStation 5 Slim. This was accomplished mostly by replacing some of the console''s larger components, like the cooling system, with handmade ones that were smaller in size but equally effective.

The Xbox Series X, which was first released in November 2020, is Microsoft''s flagship current generation console. You may also check out Kai''s review of the system to learn more about it.

The next generation console, which has been the most powerful one to date, is a celebration of two decades of Xbox gaming, with almost full support for the past Xbox history and support for the Xbox Series X, although the potential for the game hasn''t been fully realized.

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