Fans of the Black Phone get a surprise Rotten Tomatoes rating, thus the Black Phone is unconcerned

Fans of the Black Phone get a surprise Rotten Tomatoes rating, thus the Black Phone is unconcerned

At the time of writing, fan satisfaction has been manifested, with critics giving the new Blumhouse horror film a 100 percent Rotten Tomatoes rating.

Ethan Hawke is the star of a terrifying masked villain called The Grabber, who kidnaps local children and keeps them in his basement. Based on an original short story by Stephen King''s son Joe Hill, Ethan Hawke plays a shady kid in the game.

Finney Shaw (Mason Thames) becomes The Grabber''s next victim during the film, but he''s about to become his last due to the mysterious ringing titular telephone which allows previous victims to communicate with him.

We''re stuck in there with Finney as he explores a variety of escape methods and attempts to keep his sanity, looking at whether or not he''ll survive this ordeal.

With a few powerful jumpscares in the mix, critics are fare pleased with the latest horror film commended for being "tense," "visceral" and "terrifying."

We described the "is a multifaceted horror story that frightens, devastates, and still remains hopeful throughout." "The whole package story that proves the kids aren''t alright but they will be, despite all of the horrifying behaviors we force them to confront."

"Tense and unflinching, this is a visceral experience made heart-pounding by Ethan Hawke''s performance. "The script from Derrickson & Cargill makes the most of Joe Hill''s horror, and the film will delight and disturb in equal measure."

Ethan Hawke has been praised for his villainous role as this is the first time he''s played a serial killer and one critic has even described it as "unforgettable." There are a few hundred hundred followers of the genre who will know Hawke from, but there he was also a struggling true-crime writer rather than a killer.

Meagan Navarrosaid of Bloody Disgusting: "Derrickson and Cargill transform Joe Hill''s short into a feature-length nightmare full of ghostly kids, violence, scares, and a trio of exceptional performances."

The film will be available in cinemas across the world on Friday, June 24, so there''s plenty of time for you to make your own judgement. Are you ready to respond to the call?

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