In the Season 7 trailer for Below Deck Med, Captain Sandy loses his temper

In the Season 7 trailer for Below Deck Med, Captain Sandy loses his temper

The Below Deck franchise has had remarkable moments, and the show continues to meet those expectations. In the season 7, Captain Sandy is unable to hold back on dropping an f-bomb.

Sandy Yawn has been working with the series for six seasons, making her debut as the first female captain in season 2. Captain Sandy is one of the most levelheaded of the skippers, so when she loses her cool you know that something is horribly wrong.

The trailer reveals that there is a new boat a 163-foot motor yacht, Home The majority of the season 7 crew is new and theyre in a new location for the series, Malta. That combination of the two is usually causing concern.

Captain Sandy is planning to dock between a series of buoys and someone on the radio reports that she has three meters to maneuver. Unfortunately for Sandy, the boat has actually less than a meter, but it''s also a brand-new boat that grates up against it, causing an embarrassing black scratch along the hull.

Sandy, who boasted in previous seasons that she has never touched anything, just hit a buoy. Fk, she says. We cant blame her. There''s not a lot more to say about her.

The buoy incident is just one of the many outrageous moments featured in the trailer. There are friendships and disagreements with the guests, and fights between crew members and boatloads of tension sexual and otherwise. Theres also some rough water. At one point the boat is so hard that everything is thrown around and crew members go flying.

After appearing with Captain Sandy in season 6, Mzi "Zee" Dempers returns as a deckhand. This season chief stew Natasha Webb, with blitz Raygan Tyler (who replaces Malia White in the role), chef David White, stews Natalya Scudder, Kyle Viljoen, and deckhands Storm Smith and Jason Gaskell.

Yes, there are plenty of those on the horizon in season 7, which will be aired July 11 on Bravo in the United States and on Sky TV in the United Kingdom. New episodes will be available a week early on Peacock.

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