Final Fantasy 16 will come back to a new level to combat "static" recent games

Final Fantasy 16 will come back to a new level to combat "static" recent games

Final Fantasy 16 will have a "classic fantasy feel" in its world building and tone, balanced with modern combat.

Producer of Naoki Yoshida spoke during several conversations about the game, including providing additional information about its development.

"When it came to deciding what to do with Final Fantasy 16, I thought back to the beginning of Final Fantasy, and I remembered how I felt like I was playing the leading role in a motion picture," he said in a new PlayStation Blog post.

"I wanted to capture that feeling in 16, but with modern game design and the latest in advanced technology. I hope you all look forward to it."

Yoshida addressed GamesRadar, stating that Creative Business Unit 3 has resisted the series'' roots by developing a "classic fantasy sensation."

The club is "focusing on establishing a setting that''s similar to those of previous Final Fantasy games, but then on adding that real-time action that''s more similar to modern games."

Why did Yoshida return to a classical setting? According to Game Informer, many of the Final Fantasy 16 players were huge fans of the traditional Final Fantasy games and their medieval European style.

"When designing this game, we wanted to take that look, that medieval European classic fantasy look, and enquire that with our own unique concept that we had, and then take all of that and try to express that with the actual technology and create something very, really exciting," he said.

The objective was also to stay away from the recent games'' futuristic surroundings.

"As you know, the Final Fantasy series is kind of famous, or infamous, for being different with each entry in the series," he said.

"Having done some recent user research, we found that a lot of people were finding that a lot of the recent Final Fantasy [games] were kind of becoming static in that vision, so we wanted to use this as an opportunity to withdraw from that and try something different; not just for us, but also preparing to pursue the future of Final Fantasy and future projects. We wanted to try something different and might demonstrate that yeah, the series may go in different directions rather than focus on one."

A new trailer for Final Fantasy 16 has been recently shown, which means the release date will be announced as summer 2023.

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