In Call of Duty:Warzone, the Terminator is coming to Warzone

In Call of Duty:Warzone, the Terminator is coming to Warzone

Activision''s flagship battle royale gets even bigger with an appearance of The Terminator after last season''s King Kong x Godzilla match.

Season four of Warzone gives you the option to play as the orginal T-800 or its successor the T-1000 (Schwarzenegger voice lines aren''t included).

The two Terminators are not grouped together, but rather as time-limited packs.

There''s a hint in the Call of Duty blog post that there''ll be more to come, perhaps a themed game mode or an invasion of terminators later in the season.

This isn''t the first time Call of Duty had themed characters from the 80s. John McClane and John Rambo recreated the scenes in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

I suspect that, like the hordes of players LARPING as John McClane, there will be a lot of Terminators in the warzone (and some wonderful Activision investors).

This isn''t the first time we''ve seen The Terminator make an appearance in a battle royale. In January last year, he also made an appearance in Fortnite.

This is the first time we''ve ever seen the same character emerge in both games.

Season Four has also revealed a brand new map to Warzone, as well as improvements to Caldera, last week.

Despite its attempts to de-elect current board members, Activision Blizzard''s shareholders approved a quarterly abuse, harassment, and discrimination report.

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