How to Find GoldenKeycards in Warzone Mercenary Vault

How to Find GoldenKeycards in Warzone Mercenary Vault

Mercenary Vaults are a major component of Warzone''s four and five-day Mercencaries of Fortune events in June 2022.

At this point, Vaults are a Warzone staple, and there are a few items to find, providing you with a bonus bonus - provided you can also select a Golden Keycard first.

Remember that while Warzone is Warzone, you may always take advantage of other players'' spoils...

Note before we begin, Mercenary Vaults are discovered on Caldera, rather than the new Fortune''s Keep map.

On this page, here are a few ideas.

How to open a Mercenary Vault in Warzone

In Warzone, opening a Mercencary Vault is a straightforward process:

This is a lot more straightforward than Vaults in Warzone previously, such as the Nakatomi Plaza vault from last year.

How do you get one because the Golden Keycard is the key to all of this, and as long as it is, the key?

How to get a Golden Keycard in Warzone

Vault Keycards are acquired in one of two ways - by opening loot boxes or by defeating a player who has already acquired a Keycard and looting their body.

Note: Caldera does not have Golden Keycards, but the new Fortune''s Keep map isn''t.

This is similar to how Keycards were discovered when Vaults were first introduced into Warzone back in 2020, essentially, requiring you to explore, open loot boxes, or win skirmishes against other players, hoping they drop a Keycard from their person.

It''s time to head to one of the many Mercenary Vaults once you have a Golden Keycard.

Warzone Mercenary Vault locations

It''s time to get a Vault once you have a Golden Keycard.

Caldera is home to Mercenary Vaults rather than the new Fortune''s Keep map.

The process of finding them is much simpler than Vaults previously. First, on the map, look for the orange circles scribbled on top, but you''ll find them across a few perspectives.

Then, inside these, you should look for the Transit icon. These indicate the location of the Vault. Note - these icons will not show until the match begins.

At these locations, there''s a hatch.

Explore inside the ladder and discover a locked door (in the few we tried, they were to the left of where you entered) which requires access via a Golden Keycard.

Inside, you''ll find a whole of bonus loot. As with Vaults previously, it''s possible the Vault may already have been opened by another player, so be careful if that happens!

Note that if you complete the Mercenary of Fortune event, you must open three Mercenary Vaults in total (across as many matches as required) to get the associated reward - the Fanged Assault Emblem.

Best of luck with the search!

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