As a band of rugrats in TRPG supplement DungeonBabies, romp through Dungeons & Dragons' adventures

As a band of rugrats in TRPG supplement DungeonBabies, romp through Dungeons & Dragons' adventures

Ever believed your Dungeons & Dragons 5E group was too a good fit? Perhaps every character would be no older than a toddler? That''s why Dungeon Babies, a tabletop RPG supplement that takes childish adventuring very seriously.

Unlike the above 78 pages, there are rules on how to play a mostly defenceless adventurer, even if you dont count all of the killer and destructive magics these babies have readily at hand. The book outlines 13 additional classes that are largely the classic fare - Druids, Fighters, Warlocks, etc. - but with Baby attached to them. Almost all of the core abilities have been translated to match the ridiculous flavour, such as animating stuffed animals or dual-wiel

34 new abilities to make character creation more appropriate for pint-sized dragonborn and newly hatched Dragonborn are included. Im not exactly sure what the disadvantage of Rolling Over or Babbling might be, but Ive never been lost in a goblin hideout searching for treasure! By doing what babies do best, the player-controlled tykes can gain instant experience by shoving foreign, inedible items such as gold, gems, and valuables directly into their gob.

Jason Bradley Thompson, the inventor of The Hobbit, became a father in 2020 and says on his official website that he channeled the joys, frustrations, anxieties, and wonder of being a parent into this supplement. He wanted to recreate some of the inherent joys of being a tiny creature in a world filled with catastrophe, but still pushing ahead with what appears to be boundless curiosity and heedless abandon.

Thompson said on his website that he has thought a lot about parenting and how it affects all my interests, including roleplaying games. Sure, there are a lot of RPGs aimed at children, but what about a RPG where you play children?

Dungeon Babies works best with people who want something more back to basics, with sessions mainly involving the gaggle of droolers being carried away from the Stork in their arduous journey through the land of Vyraj. The game also works well as a one-shot generator, highlighting hijinks and the kind of humour that is expected from a daycare attempt to pit one lich into submission.

On the DMs Guild webstore page, users may learn more about Dungeon Babies. It contains everything they need to maintain a D&D 5E situation, but there are also appropriate character sheets, content guidelines, and actual play reports as well as recommendations for the players and the DM.

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