Final Fantasy XVI is now available from the start to the finish

Final Fantasy XVI is now available from the start to the finish

The PlayStation Blog''s producer, Naoki Yoshida, gave further insight into the game''s current development status. It is now in its last scheduled year of development, just under two years after its announcement in 2020. Though it''s several months to go until the game''s release window of Summer 2023, Yoshida said the game is fully playable from start to finish.

Yoshida stated that there will be much more to done before it''s public available. Multiple languages of voiceover work are still on the docket, and playtesting for things like difficulty balance are usually required. At this point, a developer will focus on extensive and comprehensive playtesting to tune mechanics, gameplay balance, and other factors.

Yoshida explained how his and his teams goals were enhanced when it came to playing the original. He wanted to capture the feeling of playing the leading role in a motion picture utilizing modern game design and technology.

The process of developingwhile still acting as director and producer was managed by a small group of core team members. The team was slowly and carefully transitioned over so that not to disrupt the operation of. Yoshida also revealed that the entire organization is heavily reliant on the Project Managers and Assistant Producers for both tasks and schedules. It''s critical that keeping things organized in order to avoid burnout.

Yoshida emphasized that Bahamut is his favorite summoned character in the series overall because his arrival implies something profound is on the way. Bahamut has appeared in almost every game (and a number of non-players) and had a major influence on the story of as well. He offered to readers that all of his summons (called Eikons) would be cool as hell.

In Summer 2023, the game is in development and is expected to be released on PlayStation 5.

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