The trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 reveals a brief history of war

The trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 reveals a brief history of war

Nintendos January 22, 2022 Direct broadcast focused on ahead of its July release date. A new trailer set up the game world and narrative of the third title, highlighting its themes of war, transience, and legacy.

See it below.

Some of these plot details may be considered spoilers.

The world of Aionios is set on, where two nations: Keves and Agnus, exist in a whimbley. Soldiers who have been engineered have been able to execute the war for ten years, and each year is defined as a term, and the remaining ten are spent entirely on fighting.

While on a special mission for their respective authorities, six soldiers, three from Keves and Ionios, encounter each other. After a mysterious encounter, the sextet embark on a journey to the Sword March, a part of the world devastated by a gigantic blade. There, theyll discover answers and a path towards defeating the real enemy, and bringing order to the world.

Teases of cutscenes from the narrative of focus the characters short lifespans and their desire to live or leave a lasting legacy, something that is not possible considering their life of constant war. Mio in particular is revealed to be late into her tenth term, with three months left to live. Another character appears to perform a ritual of some sort to share some of their own own time with Mio, who refuses to accept it.

More footage was released by TheDirect, which focuses on supporting heroes who join the party as seventh members. Ashera, Valdi, Riku & Manana, Fiona, Alexandria, and Gray were also shown off.

Meet some of the Heroes who''ll give their support on your #XenobladeChronicles3 adventures, from a hardened gunlinger to a charming pair of Nopon!

Nintendo of Europe (@NintendoEurope) on June 22, 2022

In a class, heroes can add unique skills and values to the team, including Valdi, while Ashera, and Zeon, the Guardian Commander. The main party members may also adopt the Heroes classes as they join the group, increasing their possibilities for combat and cosmetics.

Releases on the Nintendo Switch will be announced on July 29, 2022. The previous main games in the series, however, remain a Wii U exclusive.

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